First and Third Trinity Boat Club
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The Club's Results

May Bumps 2010

Fellows' VIII

7th men's VIII
in Titan
bow Unknown 2 Unknown
3 Unknown 4 Dr M.C. Banner
5 Richard Serjeantson 6 Unknown
7 Ali Alavi str Nick Kingsbury

Coxed by: Dr P.R. Hardie

Bumped Downing V
Just before I got to the river, I stopped by Hobbs to buy a whistle, just in case. I'm very glad to have had the opportunity to use it. Tomorrow is another day, so let's go get them! (Cynthia)

So massively proud of you guys - absolutely amazingly awesome!! I'm gutted I couldn't come down to watch but I'll definitely be there for the Grande Finale on Saturday! :-D (Ulrike)

1. Our fantastic fellow...

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