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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2010

BPBC 1st men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

1st round
Beat Sidney Sussex by 1 1/2 lengths
We'd had a surprisingly pleasant practice start on the row down, but failed to replicate this in the race. We slowly ground out a lead but we'd need to do better next time. (JPD)
This was a no-win situation. Fortunately we won. (Neil T)
We crossed the line first, but there were no winners in this race. (Phil)
2nd round
Beat Jesus by 1 length
Much better. Jesus visibly slowed after the Railway Bridge. (JPD)
Owing to a cox shortage, JPD steered us down to the start. Sadly this comedic arrangement couldn't last and Emma took over for the race. Our start was much better than in the first round, commitment when neck-and-neck in the middle third was excellent and Jesus broke around the railway bridge. (Neil T)
Pleasing. Very pleasing. (Phil)
Quarter finals
Beat Clare by 2/3 length
Another good row, this time with Helena (from the defeated Pembroke Alumni crew) coxing. Clare pushed effectively off the bridge. (JPD)
Another race, another cox; this one more aesthetic than JPD but no less committed. We moved up seat by seat on Clare until we had gained clear water by around the railway bridge and hung on to most of that lead until the finish. (Neil T)
Semi finals
Lost to First and Third by a long way
Destroyed. We were tired, but to be honest our best rowing would have made up at most 20% of the deficit. (JPD)
Inch by inch? Length by length, more like. The boys were awesome and tore us apart. Bring on the Lents. (Neil T)
I tried to psych out Strawson before the race. Apparently it didn't work. Or maybe it did, which would be even more embarrassing. (Phil)

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