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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2010

2nd men's VIII (2nd VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

1st round
Beat Clare II by quarter of a length
First race nerves and an inability to find length and rhythm left us half a length down at the start until the kink. We eventually settled and chipped away the inches until we put in a massive push just before the railway bridge. They broke and we opened up a quarter of a length lead which we held until the end. It was a close call. Let's row better than this in future... (Tsunami)
2nd round
Beat Fitz II by 2 and a half lengths
A fairly solid start, but sadly failed to make ground on them within the first few strokes. I think we settled into a solid rhythm a lot better than they did and chipped the seats away steadily down the reach.

Courtesy of our ex-Pembroke strokeman's advice, we decided we would do a "white house" push... since everyone pushes at the railway bridge, we should time our push earlier to break the bastards before they get there. We did this and opened out the clear water before washing them down and walking away comfortably clear. (Tsunami)
Semi finals
Beat Peterhouse II by 2 lengths
Same story as Fitz, we broke the buggers with our "White House Push". They just gave up. We had an awful start, but our cruising speed was much faster than theirs. (Tsunami)
Beat Pembroke II by a few seats
I think these guys were amused to see our stroke man with a Pembroke splash top. I told him that if he mysteriously crabbed, I'd have a few words with him after the race ;).

Thankfully all was well. We had a pretty good start relative to our last race and had us two seats up by the time we'd lengthened out to a steady rhythm. The kink in their favour brought us back level. Unsurprisingly, we both did a "White House Push" and stayed level until the railway bridge.

A few strokes later, and "up two" was called. We hardened up on the legs and loosened up bringing us a few seats clear, a close margin that we held till the end.

It's a big result for us given all the trouble we've had this term with injuries and inconsistent coaching. We're still not quite as quick as we'd like to be given we are facing a lot of first crews in bumps but at least it gives us a foundation to build upon.

Many many thanks to Emma for her support and coaching for the past week and to Rich for writing our training plan. We made such enormous changes in the week we couldn't have imagined we'd make. As also a big thank you to Phil for bailing us out ;).

Bring on the bumps. (Tsunami)

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