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Mich Term 2009

1st women's novice VIII

Queens' Novice Ergo Competition (1st division)

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Cambridge Winter Head (Novice VIIIs)

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Clare Novice Regatta (1st division)

1st round
Lost to Jesus by 2 1/2 lengths
A very well-rowed race with a disappointing result. Despite very tough conditions, the crew held it together nicely. Jesus had a faster start, possibly thanks to having an actual boat rather than the bathtub known as Peter Brandt, but the girls kept the focus in the boat and took back some length. After an impressive number of massive crabs from Jesus, we brought it back and took the lead. In the end, their size gave them the advantage and they pulled away, despite some rather unfortunate technique.

Update: Jesus went on to win the whole thing - hopefully this is some consolation!
Edit: Jesus went on to win the whole thing - hopefully this is some consolation!
Overall, you should all be very proud of the way you rowed - you kept the concentration in the boat and held it together, really showing what you were made of. Let's keep the focus for the next week and look ahead to Fairbairns! (Katie)
A disappointing result but the crew did not let themselves down and should be proud of the way they rowed today. They kept it together down the whole course and the row looked committed and very pretty especially compared to the opposition!
Jesus were the eventual winners of the regatta, so I guess we didn't have the luck of the draw. (Hannah)
You can row like dickheads and win Clare novices. You can't row like dickheads and win Fairbairn's.

It's 2:39, and that is about as deep as my analysis goes. I look forwards to seeing your result in Fairbairn's. Good luck :) (Swords)
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Novice Fairbairn Cup (1st division)

Time: 11:13.3
An awesome row girls, well done!
Definitely won the award for prettiest rowing :-).

Garrod (below), how inappropriate. (Gonzo)
Gonzalo, you flirt, may I ask what your full intentions are towards these young ladies? (BJ)
Absolutely fantastic girls!
A great result and one that's thoroughly deserved. :) (Alex)
In Gonzalo's defence I have to second his comments. A really impressive row and excellent result. Special mention to Meryl for racing despite having had a very nasty incident involving boiling water & lycra a couple of hours previously. (Neil T)
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Fairbairn Cup (Lower VIIIs), 1st women's novice VIII rowing as 2nd Women's VIII

1. Catching
2. Neat Catches
3. Driving past the boa...

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