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University IVs 2009

1st Women's IVb (1st division)

Coxed by: Richard Sworder

Quarter finals
Beat Caius by 15 seconds
Time: 6:07
WON :- D yay!!! (Charlotte)
Just saw the result - terrific! (Mark)
Firstly, I felt the need to add the "easily" to the end of the report, because it amused me. Anyways, as for the race, we were dropped a touch of the start, Aaron reckons about a seat, but a solid settle to about 34 led to us creeping back to about level by the kink, maybe a touch up. At this point I called our first push (I think, to be honest I can't really remember), and they dropped away rapidly. By the railway bridge we had clear water, which enabled me to cut shamelessly across their line and head straight for home. They kept on dropping back, and sat at about 3-4 lengths back up until the line. The really noticeable thing about this race was the effectiveness of our rowing, there were only a few strokes that I pinged as being a bit crap, and they happened when we were well up, when I can forgive the girls for not really pushing :). I was also enormously impressed by the commitment through the first two thirds, which enabled us to ensure that the race was as good as won by just beyond the railway bridge. All in all, a pretty good row, maybe a touch more speed and togetherness off the start needed, but other than that, an excellent result :) (Swords)
Well done!!!
All the best luck for tomorrow, girls!! (Ulrike)
Semi finals
lost to Downing
To be honest, they were quicker than us, much as it pains me to admit it :-) They had taken about a length out in the start, not helped by a minor voyage to the meadow side on my part, pushed out to about 2 lengths by the railway bridge, at which point a last ditch push held them until about the P&E when we kind of died. Oh well. Their second IV was medium to very spactastic so had we chosen to race in the second division we'd have done better, but there'd have been less point in that. I certainly gained some much needed race practice and we probably learnt a lot from racing the best women's IV on the river. Still, as an eight we're looking fast for Fairbairn's. Turbokeen. (Swords)

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