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Cambridge 99's Regatta, May Term 2009

5th men's VIII (4th and lower division)

Coxed by: Danny McMillan

Quarter finals
Beat Kings III by a third of a length
We arrived at the start line not entirely sure what to expect - we knew we should be faster than the crew next to us, but having had a particularly poor outing the day before, couldn't really say for sure how it was going to go.

The start was fairly nice - not as rushed as previous efforts had been - and we picked up the boat speed nicely, keeping roughly level with them, or thereabouts, during the first few strokes.

They started to pull away slightly, with perhaps a little more commitment to each stroke than was seen in our boat, and by the time we reached the end of their corner along the reach, coming into the railway bridge, they had about a length on us.

Then the guns came out. Everyone appeared to switch on together, and we had a massive push round the inside of our corner - the rate creeping up to 36, yet the boat kept sat (perhaps better than when rating 34 along the reach in fact). The push lasted us through to the finish, where we beat them by half a length or less (I think, it was kind of a blur of pain at that point).

We resolved to take the commitment we gave at the bridge, and push much earlier in the race next round...bring on their M2. (Alex)
Semi finals
Beaten by Kings II by a length
The start was better, we rowed faster, with more length and a more consistent rhythm, perhaps slightly more power. 1 minute in came - they were within a length, it was their corner. We pushed, we were gaining, and the push felt sustainable enough to carry us through to the finish, where it would have been a close call - provided we didnt need the massive push off the bridge we had required last time.

Then my feet came out - at 6 this destroyed the timing for two strokes - we got back on it pretty well except for me rowing with one foot, hence considerably shorter and more messily than I should have been, with half the power, and we pushed through to the finish to lose by about a length (again pain prevented this being accurate, and anger).

In general had my feet not come out, this would have been a close call. I would like to think we had it in us to beat their M2 - especially since they were in an Empacher and we were in Richard Church - and indeed, I think we did. Sorry boys, I think a roll of duck tape will be brought to bumps. (Alex)

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