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May Bumps 2009

6th men's VIII

Coxed by: Ilya Vilenskiy

Bumped by Christ's V
A good, clean, fast start quickly deteriorated as the velcro footstrap at two gave way. Harry was lucky to stay in the boat at all given the circumstances: but rowing in sixes was never part of the race plan and Christs absolutely nailed us before first post...

On a positive note, the best bits of the row down were good and the start itself was impressive. Tomorrow we're looking for the bump back! (Emma)
Bumped by Sidney Sussex IV
Technical pairs work?

Nerves got the better of us today. Christ's ahead were fast and deserved their excellent bump. A bit of a frantic start and before we ever really got it together the six man was off his seat and it was game over. So tomorrow, we row like we row in the warm-up, do a practise start like the one we practised, and make our training count. (Emma)
Bumped by Anglia Ruskin III
This was a lot more like it! Less nervy on the start and we found a good cruising speed and rate. Unfortunately ARU III were out for blood after their unfortunate double overbumping the day before, and they went off like a rocket. Still the crew gave them a good fight, and only conceded just before grassy corner. Let's be even sharper tomorrow and we'll see what we can do. (Emma)
Rowed over
There are a select few members of First and Third who have been Foot of the River, myself and our esteemed secretary being two of them. Welcome to the club, M6!

This term has seen some fantastic results for the crew, including brilliant performances at Nines Regatta and in the Getting on Race. In bumps we never really settled down and produced the results we knew we could. Nevertheless, Saturday's row was by far the best of the week. A smooth start with less nerves meant that we were on station as the crews ahead bumped out, and the rowover was committed and fast with some great lines and strong pushes especially along the reach.

M6 are an extremely hard working crew (how many college M6s train three or four sessions a week with erg tests..) and valuable members of the lower boats squad. I'm looking forward to seeing what we can achieve in Michaelmas. (Emma)
I managed to catch the second half of this race, and it looked like some immensely gutsy rowing given there unfortunately wasn't much up ahead to bump. There was an immense push under the railway bridge which seemed quite impressive from the bank. Just unlucky there wasn't much to hit. (Tom L)

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