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May Bumps Getting-on Race 2009

6th men's VIII

Coxed by: Ilya Vilenskiy

Got on
This was another race to be proud of from M6. Exams finishing at 5pm meant we had a hasty warm up down to the lock, but we were rowing well together and feeling confident.

In the race itself the rate came easily and we held a steady 32-33 throughout. First post reach was fast and committed and Ilya and bow pair made light work of the corners. A really good legs push in the gut kept the rate up and the boat speed was good.

In plough reach we began to suffer and heads went down while forearms were clearly starting to burn! But as we turned into the headwind for the home straight we had a fantastic restart. Sitting up tall into the wind we held the rate high until the last fifty strokes - and finished with a big push followed by William's lungs giving up on the finish line!!

Individual performances were also excellent. You've all come a long way, especially Mikkel and Chen in the stern. Whatever the result of this race you should all be proud of what you've achieved together since you started out as novices in Mich.

Conclusion: Great race boys, now we play the waiting game...

...the waiting game was worth the wait. Huge congratulations to you all on getting on to your first ever bumps race. Six crews in the Mays - back where we belong? (Emma)
Before the get-on race, I wasn't confident about getting on at all: 4 places among 12 crews-that's even harder than the Cambridge admission.

We started the warm-up in a zig-zag fashion since we didn't have any proper outing at all this week due to exams. But we quickly picked up our rowing skills and moved smoothly as a whole.

The first half of the race was a pretty good start. Ilya always had amazing corners in the races. Matt and Sunith gave their hardest push around the corners.

When we got to the plough reach, I thought we might stop pushing: the wind was quite strong;everyone got a bit tired. At that time the awesome bank party gave us their loudest moral support. I also started shouting 'heads up','legs down',just to distract myself thinking about the pain. I didn't realise we passed the finsih line and kept shouting as I thought there were still 20 more strokes to go.

This was definitely my best race ever. Well done crew mates!! Emma,thank you for pushing us so hard!!

right, more electronics 'fun' for me i suppose. Can't wait for the bumps!! (Jacky)
Awesome result lads! (Mark)

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