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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls, Lent Term 2009

A timed sculling race for singles, doubles and pairs over a course from Little Bridge to Peter's Posts, run by First and Third.
Tue 10th March

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Coxless pairs, Men's pairs

4th of 6
Time: 10:45
A combination of tiredness and incompetence may explain why I didn't notice that the boat was rigged stupidly, in that my finish height was at least 6 inches higher than I'm used to. In spite of this handicap it was good fun, and we're grateful to Gonzalo for giving us the opportunity. (Tom C)
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TDC in his single scull, Shell

3rd of 15
Time: 10:54
Clammed up for a headwind which didn't materialise. As a result the rate was much higher than I expected, maybe around 34. I've no way of telling if this is good or bad, but I got a lot of work down and it was pretty consistent. The result may or may not inspire me to take up sculling again. (Tom C)
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PWF in his single scull, Shell

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