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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2008

1st men's novice VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Alasdair Routh

Time: 10:37.16
A minute behind the first crew. My appalling line around Chesterton which ended with me sticking my arm in may have caused a fair chunk of that difference, but we just weren't fast enough. (Alasdair)
Not exactly the result we'd hoped for. After the exertions of the Clare race various illnesses, injuries, AWOLs and CUCBC rules meant that training in the last week was very limited. The crew lost some momentum and were unable to recapture the boat speed produced previously. What I've learned from the experience is that the old motto "miles make champions" applies especially strongly to novice crews, and a serious attempt to win this race would want four weeks of 50k in the 8+.

The future is, of course, more important than the past. The guys showed plenty of determination and commitment to each other, and the performance against Wolfson showed real potential. They'll be winning races soon enough. (Tom C)

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