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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2008

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Danny McMillan

Did not get on, 8th fastest non-qualifier
Time: 10:10
9 people in the boat, 14 on the bank... enough said! A really strong and technically sound row despite pretty awful conditions, today you proved that you deserve to be rowing in Bumps next week. Really proud of all of you for your hard work and massive improvements you've made this term :)

p.s. OK so I wrote that before I knew the results, but it still stands. I'm sorry that things didn't go quite to plan, but you should still be very proud of how you rowed today and everything you've achieved this term. (Charley)
I was so shocked by the results. It seems like there were a lot of crews of a similar pace, so the competition was tougher than we were expecting. The row was strong and committed, particularly the pushes out of the corners that forced the bank party to cycle a lot faster into that head wind. Overall you've come on extremely far this term, and it's sad you don't get to finish it off with bumps, but make sure you stay involved - bank partying or supporting, and then it won't be long until we start training for Mays... (Harriet)
Having coached this crew a couple of weeks ago I wanted to add how sorry I am that you didn't get on. Looking at the spread of non-qualifying times, it's not unreasonable to assume you were less than 2% off the qualifying pace. Only five years ago we didn't even have a second Lent VIII, so getting so close to getting on is a fine achievement and you should still be proud of what you've done this term - especially calmly coming from behind to win Pembroke Regatta.
Next term the club has more permanent places in bumps. Take this week off, watch the bumps, but then start looking for that 2% and more besides. All nine of you have a lot of potential and I hope to see you in the Mays. (Simon)

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