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Lent Bumps 2008

2nd women's VIII

Crew list for 3 races:

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

Crew list for 1 race:

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

Bumped Queens' II
A good start, a little wobbly for a couple of strokes after that, but the rhythm was re-established very quickly and the bump was swift after the push for Bumps call.
Clare are going to be tough; we need to get them before they get Corpus, otherwise it'll be Newnham all the way! (Mark)
Bumped Clare II
Awesome! We worked for that Bump and it felt good! (Liz)
yaaaaay :D definitely felt like we earnt this one!! some awesome lines from Mark and gutsy pushes out of the corners meant we bumped coming out of Ditton. very proud to be part of this crew...let's go for corpus on friday!! xoxox

ps. thanks to rachel frigot for subbing. (Kristina)
We knew Clare would work very hard to bump Corpus before we got near to them, and credit to them for working hard to keep us off for as long as possible.

But some excellent drive in the water around corners kept the speed up, and the commitment along Plough made me so proud to cox such a crew - Clare really did push at this point and I thought we'd lose them but you all gritted your teeth and coming round Ditton we cut into them and claimed our Bump. (Mark)
Rowed over
Bad luck. Remember, good crews go up three. Make it a decisive bump tomorrow to end a week to be proud of. (Harriet)
This was the outcome we feared the most today, since we were quite confident Clare II would not get us. Instead a suprisingly bad Newnham II, who had managed to fend off Corpus all the way on Wednesday to row over, were bumped half way down the Gut, with us no more than 1/2 a length off Corpus.
That took us by surprise but we went on to row over quite solidly with a comfortable gap behind us. Unfortunately there was no chance of an overbump since we were started third, so it is really disappointing that we are no longer on for Blades.
Despite the result, that was a fantastic piece of rowing, and it was really pleasing to have such power and commitment in the boat - let's finish on a high tomorrow! (Mark)
Bumped Newnham II
An excellent row to end our racing for Bumps.

My stomach twisted when I thought that Corpus decided to 'do a Newnham' today, i.e. row much more poorly compared to what they were capable of doing the day before, with a Newnham double whistle coming around First Post corner before we had even had one whistle.

We got stuck in though, knowing the bump had to come soon or never, and loads of credit to the girls for digging in, with a double and triple whistle coming virtually together. Convincing bump in the Gut! (Mark)
Well, the second women's eight has always been the place to be! I'm sure you're disappointed not to get blades, but that's the way Bumps goes in the lower divisions - you can't help it if there are some "interesting" crews lining up around you. I just wanted to say that when I was in the second women's Lent eight in 2004, we got put on at the Foot (/Arse, if you like) of the River, and I'm pretty damn impressed by how close this boat is to being in the second division just 4 years later. Come back and do some damage in the Mays! (Erica)

1. W2 - Fittest crew on...
2. Cox getting dunked
3. Sepia II

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