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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2008

2nd men's VIII (1st division)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

1st round
Beat St. Edmunds by 3 lengths
Time: 3:28
A high-powered start was rewarded with a 1/2-length lead, which the crew pressed out to a length and then clear water by the railway bridge, cruising to the line in a respectable time, good result. (Will L)
Quarter finals
Lost to Clare by half a length
Ballsiest race I ever saw! Took on one of the better 1st VIIIs and raced right to the line.

A slightly overpowered, spacky, nervous start saw both crews level for the first half of the reach, FaT then nosed in front around their corner and were 2 seats up coming into the railway bridge. The corner evened things up and as the crews went into the last 200m Clare's experience and efficiency began to show, we flagged and lost our technique, Clare edging into a 1/2 length lead with a superior sprint finish. Great racing.

The crew proved they can hold their own amongst 1st VIIIs and deserve to be in Div 1 in a fortnights time. (Will L)
This was our first race as the bumps crew, and so it was our chance to see how quick we actually were. The first round was reasonable, and once we had edged away from them we were able to cruise at 34 to the finish. The second round against Clare was always going to be more difficult, and in the second half of the race our lack of technique began to tell, and as they began to gain on us there was probably a bit of panic, which didn't help. A shame to disappoint the fantastic bank party.

Racing in this division did mean that we couldn't repeat last year's results, but on the other hand we got a good race, which is more important with bumps in mind. 3:35 was apparently enough to win M2, so although our rowing was compared to a washing machine by a clare coach we seem to be doing some things okay. Still plenty more to come...

Also if LMBC 2 want to earn their pots we're keen for a bit of a spar. (John)
Surely the sparring will come on day 3/4 of bumps... Bring it on! (Lorry)

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