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Fairbairn Cup 2007

2nd men's VIII (Senior VIIIs)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

18th overall, 12th college VIII, 1st Second VIII
Time: 15:13.85
Pretty good race...about as much fun as senior fairbairns can be!
Overtaking Selwin just before the finish was an added bonus.
Recent training was a bit dodgy, but as usual on the day we pulled it out of the bag. (M.H. Dehabadi)
Yeah taking Selwyn (spellt correctly in this report) on the line felt good. Mo's "three cheers for us", not so good and frowned upon by both bank parties.

Anyway, pretty good race with some good unsustainable pushes. Let's carry this through to Lents and get the 2nd VIII headship back. (S.C. Mertes)
'Spelt' is spelt correctly in this report. (BJ)
Why are we incapable of training like we race? Like Winter Head, considerably surpassing my expectations and producing good solid pushes throughout the race and pretty good crew cohesion (I think?). Mo's cheering definitely dodgy... (Peter)
Slightly messy, but good enough to win our division by over 10s. The start was untidy, with half the boat listening to the marshal and the other half doing nothing, but once we got in to the wind we brought it together and held a relaxed 32. We didn't attack the first third as hard as we should have, and I think we lost at least 5s to worrying to much about how difficult the rest of the course would be.
Coming out of Chesterton, we had an untidy push that gave us only slightly more speed, but reminded us that we could go faster. As we began to gain on Selwyn the power came up, and we moved well down the reach and around Ditton, so that we overtook them just as we crossed the line.
Hopefully they thought the cheering was for them, if not, sorry. Next term we will have to commit during outings, not just during the races, and then we can have a go at the 2nd eight headship. Thanks to everyone who coached us, we couldn't have won it without you. (John)

1. Guns....... there!!!!
2. And the winner is......
3. The catch(s)

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