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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2007

2nd men's novice VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: Oli McFarlane

Time: 11:18
Not the result we were looking for, nor representative of the last week's rowing.

Fairly good start, settling into a solid rhythm at a high - probably unsustainable - rate. Catches were going in well and my hopes were high as we powered under Emma footbridge.

Alas, the concentration started to slip as we came under Elizabeth Way. Already heads were turning to look at the blades and people were reaching for a little too much at the catch. Possibly this was slightly due to the rate, but nevertheless the focus wasn't where it should have been.

Of course, we all know that looking at one's blade guarantees 'unexpected seat failure' (all the boat's fault) and/ or crabbing. Rather than taking the time to calm down from these incidents - I'm not sure my excited shouting was what was needed - each restart was more panicked than the last. We limped down the reach with six rowers, a broken crew.

Still, hats off to the guys for keeping their heads up and for the immense legs-backs pushes that really could have made a lot of difference. Also, we managed to go faster than all the women's novice crews so it can't be ALL bad. (Dan)

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