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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2007

2nd men's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Oli McFarlane

1st round
Lost by 3 lengths to Fitz A
An unfortunate draw as Fitz look one of the strongest crews in the regatta.
They beat us off the start as expected. We never put the power down to catch up and they did nothing wrong that would have allowed us to. (Alasdair)
It's unfortunate to come across such a crew so early in the game. Fitz arrived with cleavers and a racing shell, and were very well trained. Our boys fought for length but couldn't keep up.

However, again, get a positive attitude and a good result at Fairbairns is far from out of reach. (Jij)
Fitz A were big guys with cleavers, and would have been hard pressed not to have a faster start than us. This had been discussed at the crew pasta and in the race chat, but nevertheless heads went down during the wind as they moved to about 4 seats up over the start. This wasn't fatal for an 800m race, but the belief wasn't there and didn't come back. Especially at First and Third, one should not be scared by some rugger bugger who is twice your weight and several inches taller.

The rate was ridiculously high - I *knew* it was a bad idea to teach novices to spin the hands! - so although catches were not horrendous we were only getting to half slide most strokes. Do NOT be the one that gives in and rows at half slide; keep the length, keep the speed in the water.

The push into the railway bridge was reasonable, and the rate settled from 35 to 30 as people got too tired to rush forward at such a pace. This should work to our advantage in Fairbarns: I don't believe anyone will be stupid enough to set off at such a pace for a race lasting at least ten minutes....

This week we will be practicing the first two minutes of FB, as well as some longer continuous rowing for fitness. Technique will concentrate on the drive, moving boat rather than water. Bring it. (Dan)
It's a real bonus for you guys that Dan is a pure mathematician, and hence doesn't have to abide by conservation of momentum. (Tom C)

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