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Fairbairn Cup - IVs 2007

The Bowsboat (Senior IVs)

2nd women's IV
in Scylla
bow Sarah Stoneman 2 Elizabeth Hill
str Alex Sye

Coxed by: Mark McKelvie

15th, 1st second IV
Time: 14:53.04
30s faster than Maggie I. Awesome. (Harriet)
What an excellent row! In the cox's seat I really thought we kept it together, we pushed hard and our rhythm was sound.

A little wobbly in places, but those were soon rectified and a couple of slightly wide corners, but generally really pleasing.

Highlights of the race included Kristina's vocals on Long Reach, and just after Ditton corner before the finish:

Mark: 'Wind it up 2'
Alex: 'NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!'

Oh, and a marshall that was not happy about me 'disobeying' him, never mind; I tell my crew when to go, not him.

But a really good race, I'm really pleased I had such a brilliant crew. Bring on the Lent term! (Mark)
three bowsiders, one outing, no coach, novice cox.
yeah, i think we did ourselves proud!!! :D
PS sorry for screaming on the reach, i'll learn to shut up next time! (Kristina)
Yep, definitely a result to be proud of, seriously well done! (Jane)

1. 2nd women's IV

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