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Head of the Cam, May Term 2007

3rd men's VIII (Men's Other Mays)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

23rd fastest college men's VIII, 8th fastest in Other Mays
Time: 11:20
With a wide range of previous experience including a couple of new novices this was a real gutsy performance.

They started ahead of a fairly neat looking 99's crew (including our esteemed coach Mr. Ingram). As the crew behind started to catch up with us, the boys put in a realy effort to hold them off, as the boat speed picked up massively from the pink house to Morley's Holt.

Unfortunately the 99's crew finally overtook, with a quick looking fitz II following and this was too much for the guys, their massive push having taken it's toll and the frustration of two crews overtaking them in a short space of time meant that for the last couple of hundred metres the heads dropped and the focus went.

All in all a great effort from the guys, over a long course, for the first race of term, a great effort, if you can get that speed to repel crews behind... bring on mays :D (Lorry)

1. Strokeside together
2. Not quite balanced...
3. Catch

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