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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2007

3rd men's VIII (3rd division)

Coxed by: Jij Chow

1st round
Beat Churchill III by a country mile
A good solid row. Quite panicked but the opposition never troubled us. Good for the confidence going into the next round. (Dan Newton)
Hmmmm... possibly the recorded 'winning margins' are a little arrogant, but I do think we have a lot of positives from the days racing.

I expected Churchill III to be slower than us, and they were. Interestingly our first three draw strokes had a lot of patience and power despite stressful conditions - side by side race from stationary, plus truly incompetent marshals (who vastly improved over the day/ were quickly replaced).

I should have wound it down under the railway bridge, but was too busy trying to play with possible rhythms. Unfortunately, we never found one. (Dan)
2nd round
Beat Jesus III with bells on
Probably the toughest round. Took a bit off the start and extended that going down the reach. Excellent tactics when we matched and beat their push at us a few hundred metres from the railway bridge. That finished them off and we rowed away quite frantically but at least fairly quickly too. (Dan Newton)
A blistering practice start on the way down, well done boys! Jij really hit the 'aaaaaaand STRIDE!' call at the right time, and there was a decent sustainable rhythm by stroke 15.

Didn't quite carry over to the actual race, which was partly my fault - I felt a few extra pips on the first race wouldn't hurt after such a good practice start.

Nevertheless, there was enough of a platform for us to gently ease ahead using the inside of the Reach. They seemed fairly composed and were looking for an early monster push into the Railway Bridge - their corner. Felt it was best to nip that in the bud, so Jij pushed us even earlier, and effectively killed them off in the first half.

A very dominant row; powerful and intelligent. If we can nail the rhythm under pressure and with those two extra pips we're sorted. Its all on the fast hands, good separation and controlled slide. Honest. Oh, and loads of power. (Dan)
Semi finals
Beat Queens III with our eyes shut
Had improved each race and this one was no different. We were still a little frantic but less so than the opposition. Towards the end we even got some signs of control coming up the slide. (Dan Newton)
Eyes shut is a good way of putting this race. Lots of individual rowing, with heads down as tiredness set in.

A truly awful first draw stroke on stroke side (no names... this time...) let to a panic in strokes 2 and 3 and a rather messy wind. Luckily it was enough to beat Queens III, who seemed to give up as soon as we were a seat up.

Main things to take from this are how much one's head affects one's rowing. If the eyes are down, its definitely going to be rubbish at our level. (Dan)
The awful draw stroke was mine... unfortunately... fortunately it didn't cost us this time, something for me to work on though. (Thomas)
Crushed LMBC III into dust
Immensely satisfying. Quote of the day goes to Pilot Neil : 'GUYS LMBC ARE THE SPAWN OF THE DEVIL. CRUSH THEM'

Our start was faster and a good 7 pips lower than theirs. They caught a crab which was a shame as we would have dominated without it. Got a few lengths clear and never looked back.

More importantly never took our feet off the gas and had a cheeky 'up two' coming up to the line to send out a strong signal for bumps. It's business time. (Dan Newton)
Well done, we failed our public mission, keeping warm, but we did succeed in our secret mission, winning Pembroke Regatta. I particularly liked this result; 6 lengths is nice, especially against the old rivals and the people chasing us in Bumps.

GET IN! Let's have an amazing Lents; proper FaT rowing! (Jij)
Much better mental attitude here - not totally unsurprising given it was against LMBC in a final.

Very powerful start killed them almost immediately. Given a slight lack of crew fitness and pieces for more than 600m I was interested to see what would happen as we got tired. Catches went after 300m, but rhythm was still bearable. After 700m Jij took it up two for the finish. There was a good commitment, and lots of promise for the Bumps.

Bring it. (Dan)

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