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Newnham Short Course, Lent Term 2007

3rd men's VIII (Lower VIIIs)

Coxed by: Jij Chow

20th overall, 12th in division, 4th fastest 3rd VIII
Time: 6:23
A terrible result we should be very ashamed of, basically.

Of course, we have plenty of excuses lined up - not least that we were rowing in a bathtub. I'm quite surprised we did this badly. Perhaps it was the poor timing, but there was power being laid down, and sporadic commitment to a reasonable rate.

One thing we can be happy about is the relative success of Jesus III, Homerton and Robinson II (in comparison to Selwyn II who - I hang my head - beat us comfortably).

Actual race was a bit splashy, and highlighted a total lack of fitness. Gorgeous weather though, and the crew banter was excellent. Definitely a recommended family day out. (Dan)
fun at the time, but highlighted a need for more training; well, a lot of this crew were in the same crew (nm1) last term that scored a poor result in the first race of term (winter head) but then went on to win Clare Novices! So same again this term, hopefully? (Jij)

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