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Lent Term 2007

2nd men's VIII

Cambridge Head-2-Head (2nd division)

Winners of C2, 10th fastest college men's VIII
Time: 20:18
Finally I've won a pot! (And now have 5!) (Martin Y)
Was a very pleasing row given the godawful conditions and scratch crew. Martin and Richard in stern pair did a great job of keeping the rating solid, and the ex-novices in the bows did a great job of keeping up!

Big thanks to Seb for bankpartying too - it was great having someone keep an eye on our technique and rating, and this really optimized our time.

Result could have been anything, but very nice to come away with pots. Especially as last time I won this it was only a pennant. (Dan)
Good solid race only hampered slightly by the wind. Beat everybody in our division comfortably, and also Peterhouse who we're chasing in bumps.

Woo pots! Me and Martin have them if you want them. (Lorry)
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Head of the Nene (Novice VIIIs)

38th overall, 4th in Nv, 2nd college Nv VIII
Time: 17:33
the first k seemed to go pretty quickly, and then we were gaining on Queens. We were beating them by the time we reached the bridge and had some water between us by about 1.5k left, and then at 500m to go, the spectacular 150m to the line push, followed by a lot of wondering how far was actually left and then finally crossing the line.

A really good race for a scratch crew, and being 3 seconds of Peterhouse, who we are chasing in bumps is promising, because we only had 5 of the guys from M2 racing (S.J. Lings)
I have never taken so much front lean consistently for an entire race, with the distinct possibility of an entire 5k race down to bowside I felt I had to do something to 'redress the balance'.

But apart from that small technical point, was a pretty fun race, apart from being told there was 150m to go when we still had about another 4 minutes left.

Definitely going to catch Peterhouse come bumps, we rowed like crap and still were only 3s slower. (Martin Y)
All I'm going to say is that it was technically a rather poor race, but the power and rate stayed high so we moved fairly quickly. Peterhouse and Jesus II were faster than us, but we had a few subs in our boat. So this friday let's show Peterhouse what to expect come bumps with a good performance in Robinson! (Lorry)
That was fun! I don't think i've ever seen you guys work so hard!

After a warm-up which could only be called mediocre, i was at least slightly worried. As it happened, we got the boat moving pretty well and despite an entire lack of balance we rated a consistent 32. The battle with queens firsts seemed to go on forever but we were always going to get past them and eventually they realised the inevitable.

Can't wait for the Robinson Head. (Emma)
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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

4th overall; fastest second VIII
Time: 8:41
sweet, beat caius m1

we officially rule (Lorry)
Well, we won.
It was a pretty good effort from everyone, but not quite as powerful as it has been in training. Glad that we stayed on top of the high-rate stuff, it bodes well for bumps. (Emma)
Personal winning streak continues.

Look forward to eating crews alive in bumps. (Martin Y)
What, no pots?

Not our best rowing, but decent commitment. I sure we're all not happy being 36s behind M1.

More to come from this crew. (Neil)

1. Fastest 2nd men's VIII
2. FaT and the Robinson...
3. Yep still posing and...

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Pembroke Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Beat LMBC II By 1 and a half lengths
Well, we beat the scum, but our hearts weren't really in it all the way, effectively stopping putting power down once a length up. Much to learn, but hey, we beat them! (Lorry)
Confident win, shocking start, but they had a worse one. (Martin's First and Thirdiness)
Beat Pembroke II by 2 and a half lengths
Completely awesome, best row of the day, beautifully chunky, and good power all the way to the finish line.

Favourite quote of the day:

"Another Length!!" every 10 strokes from dear Seb. (Martin's First and Thirdiness)
Great result today guys, that final was the best we've rowed all term. The commitment never dropped for a second. One week til bumps so lets just keep our focus and translate everything from today forward into our first race.

(I have race recordings for Churchill and Emmanuel if anyone wants to relive the experience.) (Emma)
Sweet rowing, best start of the day and we just didn't really want to stride, going over the course rating at least 36 we just wanted it too much, a pleasing end to a good days racing! (Lorry)
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Lent Bumps

Bumped Peterhouse
Good work today guys. I was really impressed by the way you pulled out all the stops coming into the gut, the shift in boat speed was awesome!

Roll on Thursday, and *touch wood*a quick bump on Sidney... (Emma)
Phew, that was close, didn't expect Disney to be quite so slow. But we managed to get Peterhouse before they managed to convert, we rule! (Lorry)
a great first race

the start felt a little messy, but we had it back together by the end of the wind, went fairly hard, although peterhouse got their whistle on sidney before we did, when they got their 2 whistles we executed our race plan - emma called an all out push, and we did roughly what we had planned - 30 strokes, 10 into the corner, 10 coming round the corner and then 10 out of the corner.

some slight personal confusion between the calls harden and hold it up meant I took an unneccesary couple of strokes after they conceded, but eventually we all worked that we had bumped and needed to pull in.

First ever bump for 5 people in the crew - great fun! (S.J. Lings)
Congratulations! I'm particularly impressed that Mr Yarr has managed to update his report at 1812, 1818 and 1839, despite having a supervision between 1800 and 1900. (Tom C)
Fairly messy start, we had a whistle coming round first post, and they got two whistles on Sidney in front. We got a " go for it" call and we seemed to have overlap a couple of strokes later. Got them in the middle of the gut.

We were worried about Peterhouse bumping out before we got them, and given they were inside half a length on Sidney when we hit them it is encouraging for Thursday. (Neil)
Slightly overkeen pre-start 'tap' from myself and bow meant the chain snapped tight and left us going slightly backwards at the start, but good bump around first post, with a couple of extra strokes from bow 4 smacking into them to guarantee it :).

Bring on Disney (Martin 'Fantastic Catches' Yarr)
Bumped Sidney Sussex
good start (even though I missed one of the draw strokes) wound it up high

first whistle just after the stride, big push for the second whistle, kept pushing through, BUMP! (S.J. Lings)
It sounded like they had cannon to the right of them and cannon to the left of them, but the crazy horses of FaT M2 charged of the start line with real aggression. They galloped after a hobbled looking Sidney crew and took them down before First Post corner, quite frankly, they could have done it at a canter.

If the thoroughbred stallions of FaT live up to their potential they can look forward to illustrious careers before being put our to stud. Some of the crews we were stuck behind on the way home are only good for glue. (Neil)
Good, quick, clean, agressive, just disappointed we couldn't have taken that one extra stroke so I could have planted my blade in that coxes back slightly harder :p

Bring on Girton (Martin 'Fantastic Catches' Yarr)
Bumped Girton

Bring on Cats (Who are now down 12 places in their past 11 rows) (Martin 'Fantastic Catches' Yarr)
From when the Trigger was pulled, the Black Beauty that is TR1 shot off like a Champion. Perhaps the saddle-sore looking Girton crew ahead of us threw a shoe, because the whistles came quickly, they were like a Boxer on the ropes and we bumped out coming in to first post corner. A mere Fatty Lumpkin to our Shadowfax they compounded their shame by rowing home half naked.

Tomorrow we hope we will row with a cox at the back, like a train in the night, fetlocks blowing in the wind. We will earn the right to be showered with sugar lumps. (Neil C)
Bumped St. Catharine's
Vorsprung durch Pferdemedizin.

Understandably this result was somewhat overshadowed, but bumping 4 college first VIIIs without getting past the exit of First Post is very impressive. We were the highest "up 4" mens boat and it's annoying that we couldn't have a few more days to get the 2nd VIII headship and into the first division as we would definately have held our own in the bottom third.

Personally it's nice to finsh with blades in the fastest crew I've rowed in. I hope you guys go on to ensure FaT domination for many years to come (Neil C)
Four 1st viii's dispatched, four awesome bumps, aproximately four minutes of quality rowing and four crew members in the river, foursome guys! (Martin 'Fantastic Catches' Yarr)
3rd bump in a row before 1st post corner,

the only question that remains now is:
do we get Macons or Cleavers?
(obviously we get crew weights in Imperial because it's more old school and classy) (S.J. Lings)
For me the first day sealed our result, having hit Peterhouse it was just a set of clinical bumps on crews we were simply better than. If we missed them it would've been just an up three, which nobody likes ;).

I would like to thank Seb, David, Neil and Pete for their wonderful coaching, Iain for pushing us out, Graham for subbing on saturday, Emma for some great coxing and the rest of the crew for pulling their weight (except maybe bow pair :P)

Good job guys! (Lorry)
Great term's work guys, we got what we deserved. Thanks to all of you for your dedication to this crew. I love the lot of you! XXX

PS Just like to wish Neil good luck for life after the PhD. (Emma)
Finally we realised what we´d been working for all term: Our huge committment payed off as we absolutely dominated all the crews around us and left no doubts how we were going to do.

Thanks to David and Seb for their reckless coaching and the supply of "Sebisms", which make rowing so much fun. A huge thank you to everyone in the boat for making this day a very special one that I shall not forget. (P.M. Preiss)

1. Sam warms down with ...
2. Defend your ears!
3. M2 wonder vwhat all ...

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