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Mich Term 2006

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Student Senior VIIIs)

5th in Women's Student Seniors, 113rd Overall
Time: 10:56
We did really rather a good burst on the way up, so I expected this race to go quite well. Unfortunately, upon turning around at the lock, we somehow went into an oh-dear-we're-racing mentality, and lost the rhythm which had almost been coming together. We nearly got it back through the Gut and in the first half of the reach, but lost the opportunity to overtake another crew in the second half by panicking slightly as we came close to them, allowing them to push back away from us under the Railway Bridge and into the finish. On the plus side, we coped quite well with the headwind and put in some good pushes out of the corners.

The fact that we were only 9s behind the winners of this category (Emma) with a fairly dismal row, however, is really quite encouraging. (Erica)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

2nd College VIII
Time: 16:42.5
Awesome result!!! The initial wind to 33 felt so comfortable I was afraid we were only at about 26, and there was some definite power heading towards Chesterton. It got a bit messy towards the end as we got tired, but it was obviously worth the effort. Magnus, I apologise for not *really* believing that we had gained on Caius! (Jane)
Beat: Emma, Caius, Clare.

Ahead of us in the Lents: Emma, Caius, Clare.

A solid and committed row from all eight; could have done with a little more finesse but that is something we'll be looking to build on next term. If we can keep this level of fitness up over the holidays we will be well set for an even more awesome Lent term. (Pedro)

1. Paddling home
2. Back under Chesterton
3. It would have been f...

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