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Emma Sprints, Mich Term 2006

2nd women's novice VIII, The Flying Penguins

2nd women's novice VIII
in Titan
bow C. Netirojjanakul 2 L.M. Schultz
3 Rozzy Roberts 4 Narelle Baker
5 L.G. Hart 6 S. Castell
7 Unknown str Farah Alibay

Coxed by: Abigail Fox

1st round
lost to Jesus unfairly
After some atrocious work by the marshalls, they unfortunately started the race having just been blown into the bank, and by the time they were pushed out again, Jesus had taken a lead of several lengths. However the girls rowed really well, gaining on Jesus throughout the course, but 500m just wasn't enough time to make up the distance. An unfortunate loss, and no reflection on the quality of the rowing! (Jane)
Yes, we were not impressed at the marshalling... Georgia was about ready to stamp down there and give them a right bollocking! Which they deserved... how on earth are we supposed to row without clearance of the bank.
We were happy though, because the boat felt good and we felt like we had really been moving...closing that very big gap that had been created... maybe it was the amber socks and the penguin beaks that made the difference... (Baker)
2nd round
won easily
They were out to show those marshalls what they were really made of, and certainly did so! Again the wind played havoc, although I'm not sure that a cross-wind coming from the meadow side can account for why Newnham (on the towpath side) twice steered into us near the start. The marshalls then restarted the race, choosing to convert our 1/2 length lead into a 2 seat lead for Newnham, but we responded in the best possible way by rowing right through them and finishing more than a length clear. An awesome row girls, you definitely made your point! (Jane)
I think we were out to prove something... we felt cheated by the last race and so were well revved up. Despite the next Newnham/marshalling endeavour to deprive us of victory, we pushed really hard and left Newnham for dust. Well done girls, well coxed Abbi and thanks to Jane, Danielle, Lyns, Erica, Fran, Amy, Bryn and all the others who have helped us get to this race... penguin power!!! (Narelle)

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