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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2006

2nd men's novice VIII (Plate)

Coxed by: Emma Smith

2nd round
Beat Clare B easily
Easily is an understatement (Martin Y)
The problem with nm2 is that half of them are medics and hence have to attend dissection. A desperate call for subs by Martin lead to 4 of our (later victorious) nm1 crew to row in this boat, two of which, namely Tristan and I rowing strokeside instead of bowside. This lead to some obvious squareing up difficulties (and blisters) on my part which I more or less had sorted out by the beginning of the race.

We pushed off with a magnificent start to be almost a length ahead by stroke 10. Seb's hardcore training with nm1 really paid off here. We caght a crab about a third of the way down which almost slowed the boat to a standstill but we managed to sort it out and row on.

About 100 m before the railway bridge there seemed to be a general consensus among the rowers to reduce the pressure and take it easy to the finish line. This meant we didn't gain any more ground on Clare B but as we were at least 5 lengths ahead this didn't matter too much. (S.C. Mertes)
Quarter finals
Beat Queen's E easily
A strong start, led to a strong rhythm which led to a decent advantage, which was easily converted into a victory. (Martin Y)
Semi finals
Lost by the smallest margin imaginable to LMBC C
Well novice men 1 stole our strokeman, so I as valiant lbc had to sub for the race. Although not in the true spirit of clare novices LMBC were keen for a duel no matter what.

Off the start we gave them exactly that, a strong pulse kept us ahead until moments before the line when a double crab gifted LMBC the victory which was so close to being ours.

Guys through all the races you were fantastic and I'm sorry it ended so close, but you fought so hard and come fairbairns we will prove your worth!!!! (Martin Y)
Stunning row guys. I was watching you the whole time, and I really thought you were going to push through. The opposition were fading, and even lost a seat...however, the crab (at almost the same time as they lost their seat) meant a loss by the smallest of margins. Th epick up to the finish was impressive tho. I see you guys doing very well in Fairbairns and was pleased to see how well you guys kept working together the whole way especially as the crew was so close to you the whole time. A weaker crew would have lost that race a lot earlier (Lyns)

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