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Magdalene Silver Pairs, May Term 2006

Coxless pairs, Coker and Jane

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow Dan Jane str Tom Coker
Semi finals
Dead heat with Christ's
Time: 8:28
Dan got back from Berlin at 6am, so we did well to get to the start line. We had a pretty good race, I think we gained a bit by steering the corners better, but they just came back in the headwind on the reach. We were half a second up, but in this game that's a draw.

So we had a 500m rerow, which suited our fast start. The race plan was wind, hold for 20, legs 10, backs 10, arms 10, up 10, and so we crossed the line at about quarter slide. This time it was a very dead heat. We had a chat and decided that we'd concede at this point, since a) Dan was tired and I was racing later in the day, and it was clearly gonna be a while before we got a result and b) the final was against a pair from CUBC who were gonna annihilate us (they won by 48s).

In any case we had a lot of fun. Perhaps we would've done better if I hadn't insisted on only using one clam, to prove that we're harder than Jacob and Bryn. For an indication of the wind speed, we did a fairly shoddy 2k piece in 8:00 last week in calm conditions. (Tom C)
A stiff headwind, Tom looking hard, Bryn looking steer-ey, Sen gleaming in the morning sun... The stage would have been set for some seriously good rowing if I hadn't forgotten to reset my clock when I went to bed at 0600h that morning.

Then again, time awake was time wasted that morning and the panicked sprint to the boathouse without breakfast was more than enough warming up.

The row down was a bit ropey - Tom has a very different style to the guys I'd be rowing with in Berlin, and being back on bow side was a shock to the system. Still, we've rowed together for long enough that our first practice start was solid and I felt fairly confident despite being the smaller crew.

Our start and unsustainable rating quickly ate into the distance towards First Post, and their lines gave me even more hope. Unfortunately we didn't respond to their push down Plough Reach and both crews were level by the end of a very windy Reach.

The dead heat was seriously bad news: Tom had billions of races to go later that day and quite frankly I was shattered. Still, we had our quality start and stupid macho posturing to rely on.

Alas, even they weren't enough and we dead heated again despite an erg-game-style rate and stroke length. We decided to take the dishonorable way out (you should have seen their happy faces, bless them!) as whoever won would be thrashed in the final and Tom had a good shot at winning the Lowe Double Sculls later that day.

Big thanks to Bryn for banksteering. Two very enjoyable races - man, I love small boats! (Dan)

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