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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race 2006

6th men's VIII

Coxed by: Nadira Huda

Third-fastest non-qualifier
Time: 7:55
A good row from everyone, especially the first half, which looked very tidy and pretty fast. I was pleased to see everyone working on the things we mentioned pre-race. Once we got to the Reach, things got a bit scrappier with fatigue and cold fingers, but they held it together well. Excellent lines through Grassy and Ditton too. Well done to everyone.

... just seen the results. Only 9s slower than the fastest N-Q crew. Beat 12 higher crews, including LMBC 5 by 22s. Shame not to get on, but a performance to be proud of. (Albert)
Unlucky guys, I thought the row went really well and we all tried our hardest, it's a shame we didn't get on. We'll just have to get back to rowing to ensure we can get on for the May bumps!

On a different note, can I point out all pictures of me in lycra were taken at a bad angle and that the camera adds 10 pounds, there were two cameras so that makes me look a stone and a half heavier. (Andy)
Good effort guys. Shame you didn't get on. You were about a minute and a half faster than the 6th VIII I coxed in the last Lents GoR. You were also only 3 seconds slower than last year's 5th Lent VIII who were very good!

A good time, excellent for a 6th VIII. Hopefully you'll all come back to row the Mays. (Richard)

1. full extension
2. Onto the Reach
3. bow 6

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