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Novice Fairbairn Cup 2005

A 2700m timed head race on the Cam for Cambridge College novice VIIIs
Thu 1st December

The official results published by the organisers, Jesus College Boat Club, can be found here. At the bottom of this page there is a summary of the results of college crews and a link to Cambridge weather. Club members, please go here to add (or correct) results, crews or race reports.

1st men's novice VIII, 1st division

6th Men's Novice Crew
Time: 10:25
After two disappointing racing experiences in the Winter Head and Clare Novices, the first novice men showed their true colours today with a fanastic row. It was committed, techincally proficient and powerful throughout, going over the course at a consistently rhythmic 32.

We had an excellent start, surged well through the first two bridges and kept the work on nicely in the stretch between Elizabeth Way and Chesterton with lots of focus on technique and timing. A good line through Chesterton saw us gain on the Christs crew ahead, and coming past the P&E the boat lifted noticeably. Our pairs pushes out of the Railway Bridge set us up nicely for the last 20 strokes before the finish, and we beasted it home in true style.

Hopefully this commitment and power will be rewarded with a good time. No matter what the result though, these guys deserve applause; they've made a great deal of progress this term and really rowed their (gold) socks off today. I'm so proud! :) Love you all guys, mwah mwah xxxxxxxx

Thanks to the bank party, I hope we provided some amusement in our row home. Oh and thanks to Michal for some inspired coxing... (Amelia)
After some lacklustre training pieces we had talked about shifting gears for the race, and today it felt like we really made the change. The rating felt considerably lower than it was, and the whole crew was showing committment all the way through. We still don't know our time but given that this was our first proper high-rate piece I reckon 6th place is a pretty decent result. Nice to see the whole crew manage to come together for this one - now let's carry that commitment into tomorrow and our first taste of rowing as seniors. (Magnus Jones)
Well done guys! A great row and a solid result to cap off a good term's training. LBC's and I hope you've enjoyed this term as much as we have, and welcome to the senior squad. That goes for all you novices! (Albert)

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2. Sepia!
3. NM1 2005

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2nd men's novice VIII, 1st division

16th Novice Men's Crew, 4th of 23 2nd Boats
Time: 11:07
Unfortunately I missed this race due to a logistical ballsup, but just wanted to say congrats on a solid result. 4th in the second novices race is something to be proud of, especially when you look at the 13 first boats we beat (by my count). Hope you've enjoyed the term - you're all seniors now, and we look forward to rowing with you next term :-) Of course there's still the minor issue of Senior Fairbairns tomorrow... (Albert)

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3rd men's novice VIII, 1st division

28th Novice Men's Crew, 3rd of 11 3rd Boats, 26th in Division 1
Time: 11:36
An excellent start and a tidy first corner under Elizabeth Way saw the crew in a good position as they came through the gentle bends before Chesterton. The rhythm started to flag a bit as the lungs and legs seemed to catch on to how long a race Fairbairns is, but after drifting a bit wide around Chesterton corner, the guys seemed to find the reserves they all knew were there. Emma called for a nice big push coming past the Pike and Eel, and the boat really lifted.

By this time Rachel, Albert and I were all spurring them on from the bank, and when we passed the railway bridge, it was awesome to discover that the entire 1st VIII were there waiting to run alongside us and join in the cheering! I think the crew will agree what a huge factor that was. Forget finding just 1 higher gear -- they seemed to find about 4 or 5 higher gears, and rapidly shifted up through all of them! As guys in the bows shouted their encouragement, the boat absolutely flew through the last 200 meters; it was the gutsiest, most committed rowing I've seen from a novice crew all term.

Congratulations on a fantastic row, guys. We'll see how the times shake out after all the racing is done, but you definitely earned your "Senior" status today :-) (James)
Excellent race, beating a total of 8 first crews!!! Well done lads, I think we allknow how well we did, after seeing how knackered we were after the finishing line.

Also, the row back was fantastic, with may I say, a rather excellent substitute cox, when he wasn't nearly breakin Titan! (Andy)
Following on the bank, I thought you guys rowed your best piece of the term today. Together, committed, sustained and crabless. Can't ask for much more than that can we? Congratulations on a strong result, and hope to see you back next term! (Albert)

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3. NM3 2005

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4th men's novice VIII, 2nd division

29th Novice Men's Crew, 2nd of 7 4th Boats, 3rd in Division 2
Time: 11:41
Well done lads, excellent cornering around Chesterton Corner, just a shame we couldn't beat the thirds. The only fourth crew to beat us was Queens', but we spanked their third crew, so there has obviously mean some error in labelling. On a lihter note, we did beat 8 first crews!

By the way, Richard, I love the fact we had over 20 "push for 10"s over a 300 stroke race. (Andy)
Before the race, we couldn't make the call of who would go faster out of the 3rds and 4ths. At a push, I went for the 3rds but told the 4ths they could nail them... It was close.

Just as with the 3rds, I was seriously impressed with how these guys went today. It was easy to tell that everyone was giving it everything, and the fact that they finished one position behind the 3rds is a testament to their tenacity. The rowing got a bit messy in the last few hundred metres, but this was simply a product of unbridled hard work, and the guys never gave up.

The result shows '2nd NM4 boat' but it should probably read 1st NM4 boat. The only 4th crew to beat them were Queens 4ths, who were in fact the second fastest Queens crew - i.e. actually Queen's seconds. Well done guys!

Special mention should go to Richard Fenn for his epic steering. The man hugged every bend like Michael Schumacher, and fearlessly took the racing line to the limit at every opportunity. the marshal at Chesterton even commented on how sweet a line we took around the corner! (Albert)

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2. Final push
3. Crossing the start line

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1st women's novice VIII, 1st division

7th Women's Novice Crew
Time: 12:28
This was the best rowing I've seen from our novices all term. A strong start meant the girls were gaining on Fitz from the beginning. As soon as their bank party told them to concede the racing line to let us through their 7 rower came off her seat causing stroke to crab and the boat to move out of FaT's way so no time was lost at all:) Taking Chesterton tight in Dom's usual style meant that they also gained on LMBC II. And then under the railway bridge awaited nm1 and nm2 to cheer the girls into the finish.

The way back saw Sorcha gain a few pounds of Dom's clothes - a very attractive look - and Dom do his best to break Peter Brant from the 6 seat but she came home unbroken for the last time this term which made Iain very happy.

Congratulations girls - FaT are never out of the top 10 and you didn't let us down. I'm looking forward to rowing with you next term.

xxx (Harriet)
Well rowed! I am proud to have been one of your lbcs this term, you have worked hard and it shows in your rowing. I look forward to seeing you all become valuable members of the senior squad next term :) (Clair)
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2nd women's novice VIII, 1st division

26th Women's Novice Crew, 9th of 19 2nd Boats
Time: 13:52
The girls proved that they can put down some very good pressure when they want to. A bit more racing experience will give them the confidence to row comfortably at higher rating, experience which they will no doubt get as seniors next term :)

The conditions were icky, with gusts of wind. Nevertheless the girls looked technically nice and were consistently in time throughout the race.

I hope you have all enjoyed your novice term - I have certainly loved lbc-ing with you all. I am looking forward to seeing you become valued members of the senior squad. (Clair)

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5th men's novice VIII, 2nd division

66th Novice Men's Crew, 3rd of 3 5th Boats, 23rd in Division 2
Time: 14:37
Well done guys. The fact that you, the men's novice squad, produced five crews wanting to race at Fairbairns is an achievement in itself, and a testament to the strength in depth we have at First and Third. You applied yourselves well today and came away with the achievement of beating a 4th crew. Congrats for completing your first race for Trinity; hope you enjoyed the term's rowing as much as we have! (Albert)

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3rd women's novice VIII, 1st division

46th Novice Women's Crew, 6th of 9 3rd VIIIs
Time: 15:37
The weather was against us this afternoon. The wind picked up which made starting hard as the boat was constantly being pushed into the bank. But this did not dampen anyone's spirits and all VIII put in a gutsy row which paid off in a good time which you should all be proud of. Sadly beyond the finish was crowded which made spinning and returning stressful - sorry for shouting! Hope you all enjoyed your time as novices. (Harriet)
This was a gutsy row, despite difficulties caused by strong wind. An unfortunate gust blew us off course allowing Peterhouse to sneak past, but the girls pulled out the stops and gained some ground back from a standing start.

I have loved lbc-ing this term with you all. I look forward to seeing you all continue the progress you have made next term when you become valued members of the senior squad. (Clair)

1. At the finish line

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<h3><a name="selectedresults">Selected Results</a></h3><h4>Men's college VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Crew Position in class Time</b> 1 Jesus I 1 /26 09:46 2 LMBC I 2 /26 10:05 3 Pembroke I 3 /26 10:16 4 Jesus II 1 /23 10:19 5 Fitzwilliam I 4 /26 10:22 <b>6 First &amp; Third I 5 /26 10:25</b> 7 Clare I 6 /26 10:26 7 Magdalene I 7 /26 10:27 9 Wolfson I 8 /26 10:35 10 Queens' I 9 /26 10:37 11 Fitzwilliam II 2 /23 10:40 11 Homerton I 10/26 10:40 13 LMBC II 3 /23 10:44 14 Christ's I 11/26 10:55 15 Corpus Christi I 12/26 11:01 16 Peterhouse I 13/26 11:06 <b>16 First &amp; Third II 4 /23 11:07</b> 18 Jesus III 1 /11 11:10 18 Robinson I 14/26 11:11 20 Selwyn II 5 /23 11:13 21 Downing I 15/26 11:16 21 Caius I 16/26 11:16 23 Emmanuel I 17/26 11:18 24 LMBC III 2 /11 11:28 25 Queens' IV 1 / 7 11:29 25 Darwin I 18/26 11:30 27 Christs II 6 /23 11:35 <b>28 First &amp; Third III 3 /11 11:36</b> <b>29 First &amp; Third IV 2 / 7 11:41</b> 30 King's I 19/26 11:43 31 Magdalene III 4 /11 11:48 31 Sidney Sussex I 20/26 11:48 33 St Catharine's 21/26 11:51 33 Trinity Hall I 22/26 11:51 35 Emmanuel II 7 /23 11:59 36 King's II 8 /23 12:01 37 Churchill I 23/26 12:05 37 Fitzwilliam III 5 /11 12:06 39 Selwyn I 24/26 12:09 40 Downing II 9 /23 12:10 41 Homerton II 10/23 12:12 41 St. Edmund's 25/26 12:12 43 Peterhouse II 11/23 12:14 44 Caius II 12/23 12:15 45 Clare II 13/23 12:22 46 Queens' III 6 /11 12:33 46 Wolfson IV 3 / 7 12:33 48 Pembroke II 14/23 12:43 49 Wolfson II 15/23 12:47 50 LMBC IV 4 / 7 12:53 50 Magdalene II 16/23 12:53 52 Corpus Christi II 17/23 13:01 52 Selwyn III 7 /11 13:01 54 Magdalene IV 5 / 7 13:04 55 Churchill II 18/23 13:10 56 Girton 26/26 13:18 56 Caius III 8 /11 13:18 58 Queens' V 1 / 3 13:24 59 Trinity Hall II 19/23 13:28 60 Wolfson III 9 /11 13:37 61 Emmanuel III 10/11 13:45 62 Selwyn IV 6 / 7 14:02 63 Darwin II 20/23 14:18 64 Sidney Sussex III 11/11 14:21 65 LMBC V 2 / 3 14:24 <b>66 First &amp; Third V 3 / 3 14:37</b> 67 Jesus IV 7 / 7 16:45 DNF Robinson II 21/23 DNF Sidney Sussex II 22/23 DNF Queens' II 23/23 DNS Robinson III DNS Clare Hall DNS Downing III</pre></p><h4>Women's college VIIIs</h4><p><pre><b>Position Crew Position in class Time</b> 1 Jesus I 1 /27 11:44 1 Emmanuel I 2 /27 11:45 3 LMBC I 3 /27 12:07 4 Newnham I 4 /27 12:13 4 Homerton 5 /27 12:14 6 Girton 6 /27 12:18 <b>7 First &amp; Third I 7 /27 12:28</b> 8 CCAT I 8 /27 12:32 8 Churchill 9 /27 12:33 9 Peterhouse I 10/27 12:35 10 Caius I 11/27 12:42 11 Robinson I 12/27 12:44 12 Queens' I 13/27 12:45 12 LMBC II 1 /19 12:45 14 Queens' II 2 /19 13:14 15 CCAT II 3 /19 13:16 16 Pembroke I 14/27 13:19 17 Jesus II 4 /19 13:20 18 Newnham II 5 /19 13:26 19 Lucy Cavendish 15/27 13:30 19 Peterhouse II 6 /19 13:31 21 Emmanuel II 7 /19 13:36 22 LMBC III 1 / 9 13:38 23 Magdlane III 2 / 9 13:40 24 Pembroke II 8 /19 13:42 25 Trinity Hall I 16/27 13:47 <b>26 First &amp; Third II 9 /19 13:52</b> 27 Robinson II 10/19 13:55 28 Downing 17/27 13:59 28 Queens' III 3 / 9 13:59 30 Christ's I 18/27 14:01 31 Jesus III 4 / 9 14:11 32 Selwyn I 19/27 14:17 33 Caius II 11/19 14:20 34 Corpus Christi 20/27 14:31 34 Clare 21/27 14:31 36 Wolfson II 12/19 14:40 37 Emmanuel III 5 / 9 14:41 38 King's I 22/27 14:44 39 Sidney Sussex II 13/19 14:46 40 New Hall II 14/19 14:51 41 Wolfson I 23/27 14:54 42 Christ's II 15/19 14:56 43 LMBC IV 1 / 2 15:01 44 St. Catharine's I 24/27 15:06 45 Emmanuel IV 2 / 2 15:12 46 Fitzwilliam I 25/27 15:36 <b>46 First &amp; Third III 6 / 9 15:37</b> 46 St Catharine's II 16/19 15:37 49 Magdalene III 7 / 9 15:54 50 Pembroke III 8 / 9 16:00 51 Caius III 9 / 9 16:20 52 New Hall I 26/27 16:50 53 Sidney Sussex I 27/27 16:54 54 Fitzwilliam II 17/19 17:34 55 Selwyn II 18/19 17:39 DNF Trinity Hall II 19/19 DNS Newnham III DNS Magdalene I</pre></p><div align="right"><font size="-1"><a href="#top">^ top</a></font></div><hr>
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1. 1st Division Carnage

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