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Cambridge Winter Head, Mich Term 2005

Light IV (Senior 2 IV-s)

1st of 3 in S2 4-, 27th overall
Time: 9:09
I think we were pretty pleased this, really flew down first post reach. Had some trouble overtaking a KCL women's eight, Dan was busy eyeing them up rather than the barge we crashed into. We also had to go pretty wide round Ditton so this must've cost us at least 5 seconds. Can't really remember the rest except that I had difficulty making calls.

So we lost 49 seconds on the eight, which seems like a lot, but I suppose it wasn't quite as balls out and we haven't been rowing for 2 weeks. The fastest college 4+ was Kings with 9:30, so we may need a couple of outings before Fairbairns. (Tom C)
Crew felt powerful, found a rhythm easily and responded well to calls (admittedly these were usually 'STROKESIDE! STROKESIDE!' - must adjust the rudder.)

In my defence we didn't have a bank steerer, or even any bank party at all, which was a bit disappointing. Get keen, guys! With me steering you know its going to be exciting - the inch to spare under the railway bridge got Tobias' adrenaline going anyway.

In detail: Coming into the gut I knew we were in trouble - the women's VIII in front of us were beautiful but oh-so slow. Being good girls (with a rather fiesty, if male, cox) they meekly obeyed my commands to go wide around grassy and we went even tighter than normal. However, I tried to nip in front of them about two strokes too soon, had to swerve away and over steered. At this point I have to admit I was more preoccupied by a firm pressure rammage of a barge rather than the girl at 7. We smashed into it with 50% of strokesides looms, careered on past at quite a nip (luckily I hadn't called it down or anything) and we lost less than 5 seconds. Fortunately the big grey barge was busy annoying marshalling crews otherwise it could have a bit messy as we hurtled through the foliage which usually obscures it.

Fun for all the family - I don't think I swore too much.

If any KCL people read this, we're truly sorry and would love to meet you xxx (Dan)

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