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Cambridge Small Boats Head, Mich Term 2005

Horler/Scott (S4 2-)

Coxless pairs
in Amartya Sen
bow James Scott str Phil Horler
4th of 4 coxless pairs
Time: 12:36
Well hardly an impressive result. By the gut the rhythm started to feel pretty good, but then we failed to take Grassy altogether. There was no boat damage but it took what felt like an age to get off the bank again. This disrupted us quite a lot and the rowing down Plough Reach was rubbish. Ditton was a stunning corner, James judging it to perfection with the bank only inches from his blade. Our rating wind after Ditton had the desired effect, but after about a minute it started to sag a little. We continued this mediocre rowing up to Peter's Posts which for some reason I thought was the finish and so stopped rowing. We were then told by a marshall that the finish was infact Top Finish, which we then wove our way towards in spactacular fashion. In hindsight its probably a good thing that we incorrectly stopped rowing when we did as we were heading towards the bank.

Our bank party clocked us at about 11:20 to Peter's Posts, which means we spent approx 1:16 sitting about and then crawling towards Top Finish. Not Good. (Phil)

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