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Mich Term 2005

1st women's VIII

Cambridge Winter Head (Senior VIIIs)

10th of 19 women's student senior VIIIs
Time: 10:21
This row was awful. I can think of very few positive points. We have rowed much much better than this in training over the past week. (Erica)
Disappointing. :( (Amelia)
I can think of a positive point: after about 10 minutes it ended :) (Danielle)
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Fairbairn Cup (Senior VIIIs)

3rd of 23 college 1st VIIIs
Time: 17:51
Really not bad at all, considering the trials and tribulations we've been through this term.

As for the rowing, it was quite ok - not the best we've ever done, but not nearly the worst (that was Winter Head!), and certainly well committed through the boat. The race was well planned and we stuck to it confidently.

Third is a very solid result, and one we should be looking to build on for the Lents. There's a lot of potential, we just need to get back into it quickly at the start of next term and make the most of it. (Erica)

1. Pia checks out Mr JE...
2. Sitting up into the ...
3. Strong finishes

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