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Welsh 3000's, Summer 2005

BPBC 1st men's IV (Elite IV-)

BPBC 1st men's IV
2 Jon Davies 3 Jonathan Glass
str Tom Rose
Time: 11:35:00
A lucky combination of factors meant I found this a bit easier than the rest of the party. Firstly, having been on the Lake Hunt recently I was better prepared for the terrain and more used to trying to negotiate it at reasonable speed. Secondly, having had to weigh in only six days previously I was still quite light. Thirdly, my years of sweat runs meant I was quite used to exerting myself whilst getting pretty thirsty....

Apparently the record attempts ignore Tryfan as it is only 2999 feet tall on most maps, so I think getting down to ten hours should be very doable (assuming you don't screw up the map reading or stop as much, as Jon says). Having said that, I'm not sure I'll be going back all that soon as there are new challenges to attempt; Lakes 3000s, Bob Graham Round, the Munros, Everest....
Further reading indicates that I am talking rubbish (again) and Tryfan is always included. I therefore reckon 10 hours might be quite tough, although given that the record is about 3 1/2 hours I would like to think that it shouldn't be. (Rose the Twat)
This was a lot tougher than I expected. After a gentle climb up Crib Goch and a while spent balancing on the ridge waiting for everyone to reach the summit, six of us set off as a 'fast group'.
The descent of Snowdon was rapid, a combination of walking, jogging and sliding over wet grass. Briefly getting lost at the bottom of Elidir Fawr, we settled into the longest climb of the day. Neil (having been on a survival exercise the previous week) was suffering badly by this point, so we reluctantly left Jess to look after him and set off ahead.
The visibility gradually improved until as we descended Glyder Fach the cloud lifted above the top of Tryfan and it suddenly became a glorious day. Unhelpfully though, we'd all run out of water after so long trekking on the ridge-top so the sunshine wasn't as welcome as it should have been.
After a steady descent from Tryfan and a break at the bottom, we started the last big climb of the day, up onto the third and final ridge. We weren't climbing particularly fast by this stage, but having reached the top we made good progess along the (much flatter) ridge and ticked off the last few in good time, to finish well inside 12h.
A couple of navigational errors and a few more stops than we maybe needed suggest that we could have been inside eleven hours without too much more effort - cracking ten looks pretty hard to me though! (Jon)

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