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May Bumps 2005

5th men's VIII, Pirates VIII

Coxed by: Dilini Nanayakkara

Rowed over
Well, we found out today that the quickest things around in this part of M5 seem to be Jesus IV (ahead) and us. Downing IV (behind) are not.

The three boats ahead of us got involved in one of those great bumps concertinas, unfortunately without Jesus bumping. We had to hold it up, at which stage we had about 4-5 lengths of clear water separating us from Downing. They came back to about 3 lengths before we started paddling through the carnage, but we then had to hold it up again. They saw the opportunity for the bump and, to their credit, were quick enough to bump our stationary crew. Dilini got a bit of a blade in the head and they got a fine. Fortunately, the good ship Titan seems to be good to go tomorrow. I hope Iain's nerves are.

Anyway, a great performance today, but more significantly still with room for improvement. If Jesus have a bit of a bad one we can get them, otherwise I guess it'll have to be the overbump... (BJ)
Rowed over
After being unlucky on the first two days, the Pirates should take matters into their own hands and finish up 2 on Saturday!

Easily the fittest and tidiest crew in the division!!

Thanks for lending Homerton M2 commandeer your ship today. (Pia)
Hands up anyone who's a bit peed off with Corpus... As predicted, Jesus had already bumped by first post corner and we had made up multiple lengths on both the Corpus crews. It was a case of a 'straightforward' overbump. Unfortunately someone at Corpus doesn't have an eye for picking boats and their '3rds' bumped their '2nds'. An overbump on either of them would hardly have pushed us to the limit.

Never mind, from here on in it should be up 2 (touch wood)... Girton tomorrow then Corpus 'II' on Saturday. Now Jesus are out of the way let's hope they do their job... (BJ)
Bumped Girton III
Eight people lost their bumps virginity today. Dilini is now only down 7. Regulation bump, dealt with professionally by first post corner. Bring on some revenge bumping on Corpus tomorrow! (BJ)
Bumped Corpus II
No problems, job done. That brings most of the guys back up to a zero bumps aggregate, so well done! We'll just have to get Dilini in an up 6 crew next year... (BJ)

1. Wearing greenery aro...
2. Greenery after bumping
3. Pirates rowing home ...

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