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Lent Term 2005

5th men's VIII

Newnham Short Course (Lower VIIIs)

15th in lower VIIIs, fastest 5th VIII
Time: 7:36
Like the other mens' boats we too had a plan, though ours was much much simpler - keep it clean and get to the finish without anything dodgy happening - something which we did pretty well considering we were a scratch crew. Good race overall and we beat Maggie, which if I learnt anything during my novice term, is that that's the main priority :) (Sam)
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Robinson Head (Lower VIIIs)

55th overall, only 5th VIII
Time: 11:26
I think in hindsight pulling in for a breather halfway up the reach was probably a mistake. There were also a broken footplate, a broken seat and an overhead-crab to contend with. Having said that, the rowing was pretty good bar the catastrophies, if a little rushed. (BJ)
This was an eventful race, to say the least. The guys recovered well from a series of crabs and footplate/ seat incidents, but inevitably their time was effected by the minimal time spent with all VIII rowing.
There were some very good pushes, especially towards the end, and consistently good effort from everyone from start to finish. Looking promising for bumps. (jo)
apologies for my dodgy coxing... i wasn't too sure i could complete the course in one go. But now i've got that out my system bring on the bumps!
and i must mention that maggie V, who were supposed to be chasing us, wimped out (Dami)

1. Putting in some work...
2. Stern pair seem to b...

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Pembroke Regatta (3rd division)

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Lent Bumps Getting-on Race

Fastest non-qualifier
Time: 7:52
Fastest time ever recorded for a FaT crew that didn't get on. Only beaten by 2nd and 3rd VIIIs; beat a 2nd VIII and four 4th VIIIs.

It was an awesome row, very disappointing not to get on. They deserved better! (BJ)

1. Destroying Maggie V ...
2. At the catch
3. Stern 4

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