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Lent Term 2005

Single sculls

2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Shell), Graham Sills

3rd out of 19 (beat top women's double too)
Time: 12:11
very average. would have been ok if i'd rated higher than 24 or done some training in a single. a missed opportunity. (stroke)

1. Coming Around Grassy

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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Clinker), Graham Sills

2nd out of 3
Time: 14:09
this was fun - at least until the reach. the boat was cumbersome and tended to continue cornering after a corner, but in general it was in good nick.

i started reasonably well down first post reach, with a nice healthy gap left between me and a pink women's double behind. had mild rythmn issues round first post corner and a slight attack of muppetry, but i got it together again in the gut. creaked (or possibly clinked) my way round grassy on a reasonable line and was catching up with the sculler ahead. had a good push out of the corner and was just overtaking, when that grey barge got in the way (well yes, i suppose it was stationary and parked on the bank). that cost me a few seconds, but i managed a hazardous reovertaking manouvre on ditton and pushed onto the reach. this is when it became really hard work and my arms ached unpleasantly. i'm sure the reach lasted about 10mins, although i have been reliably assured that this was not possible. i finally got through the railway bridge after several displays of bladework a monkey would have been embarrased with. the finish was good and i crossed well clear of the double, although there seemed to be little sign of the next sculler ahead.

all in all it was an experience a little like rowing in a bathtub, but nonetheless enjoyable.

pity i got beaten by chris braithwaite (but he had easier conditions, of course) (stroke)
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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (1st division), Sebastian Pancratz

1. on the recovery
2. umm... hold it up, b...
3. Seb from Chesterton ...

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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Ladies' Shell), Little Jenners

7th out of 7 ladies shell, 1 sec behind Mark in the clinker
Time: 15:29
Never again.


This is not some kind of Steve Redgrave never. I am not racing again in a single scull if it's that windy unless my technique has somehow managed to improve considerably. (Ok, so possibly that is a get out clause.....)

I was feeling only mildly terrified after my first head piece (completed yesterday) went fairly well - including spectacular overtaking of the grey barge going round Ditton. Still, got to the start (slowly) with one small hitting of the bank incident. Was patronised (probably rightly) as I marshalled by *the* Churchill coach who obviously thought I was incompetent (again, probably rightly so).

So, set off into the gusty headwind, rating lower than I had planned due to fear of falling in. Got round first post corner taking an ok line, got round grassy after several near crab experiences in the gut and round the corner. Realised the bloke in the clinker behind me was catching me up fairly quickly so tried to go faster - bad plan, so settled back into my old rhythm. Got round Ditton, slightly wide, straight into the reach where I made the mistake of looking at the bank (mistake because it was noticably not moving relative to me!) Tried to push off the clinker but he came past on the reach. Got to the railway bridge and still couldn't see Mark (was determined to beat him!) so things were looking up. Started going for the finish. (I'd predicted ~60 strokes from the railway bridge, and counted down every one) Rounded the final bend and some spirited cheering helped as I crossed the line..... finally!

As far as I'm aware, Mark managed to beat me by a mere 1 second and I possibly beat a mens shell (or two). Think the other women entered were of slightly higher calibre than me though. (Little Jenners)

1. And away to the finish
2. Pulling through on G...

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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls (Clinker), Mark Sankey

3rd out of 3, 1 sec ahead of Jenny in women's shell
Time: 15:28
Number of single scull outings: ca. 10
Number of times fallen in: 1
Number of times to Baitsbite in a single scull: 1
Number of pieces attempted in single scull: 0
Number of sculling races entered: 0
Number of times in clinker: 0

I decided to be brave and enter the race as a kick-start to my sculling career. My hope was to be the only contestant and win by default (as has been achieved by several people before!) but alas it was not to be. Therefore I opted for Plan B which was to beat Jenny in her shell; this I achieved by a crucial 1 second. Admittedly, I think Jenny should be more proud of this achievement than me! Well done, Jenny!

Number of times to Baitsbite in a single scull: 2
Number of pieces attempted in single scull: 1
Number of sculling races entered: 1
Number of times in clinker: 1

Watch this space! :) (Smiley Mark)

1. It's a clinker!

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