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2nd Trinity Challenge Sculls, Lent Term 2005

Graham Sills (Clinker)

Single sculls
Graham Sills
2nd out of 3
Time: 14:09
this was fun - at least until the reach. the boat was cumbersome and tended to continue cornering after a corner, but in general it was in good nick.

i started reasonably well down first post reach, with a nice healthy gap left between me and a pink women's double behind. had mild rythmn issues round first post corner and a slight attack of muppetry, but i got it together again in the gut. creaked (or possibly clinked) my way round grassy on a reasonable line and was catching up with the sculler ahead. had a good push out of the corner and was just overtaking, when that grey barge got in the way (well yes, i suppose it was stationary and parked on the bank). that cost me a few seconds, but i managed a hazardous reovertaking manouvre on ditton and pushed onto the reach. this is when it became really hard work and my arms ached unpleasantly. i'm sure the reach lasted about 10mins, although i have been reliably assured that this was not possible. i finally got through the railway bridge after several displays of bladework a monkey would have been embarrased with. the finish was good and i crossed well clear of the double, although there seemed to be little sign of the next sculler ahead.

all in all it was an experience a little like rowing in a bathtub, but nonetheless enjoyable.

pity i got beaten by chris braithwaite (but he had easier conditions, of course) (stroke)

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