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Robinson Head, Lent Term 2005

1st men's IV, 2nd men's VIII outside IV (1st division)

Coxed by: Magnus Jones

2nd of 2 men's IVs
Time: 10:14
I was very pleased with this performance. The race was controlled and powerful; the main improvement I'd like to see is for this to be carried up a couple of pips higher. Unfortunately Peterhouse also entered a last minute IV+, so we didn't win (but did beat Peterhouse's 2nd VIII!). (BJ)
The race felt pretty damn good considering our lack of experience in smaller boats, though the planned push out of Grassy to the Plough Pub never materialised. That might have something to do with why we hadn't emptied the tank by the end -- I felt far too fresh on the paddle home. So yes, a higher technical standard than I'd expected, but we must work harder. (James)

1. Mid drive
2. Looking good at firs...

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