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University IVs 2004

2nd men's IV (1st division)

Coxed by: Honey Duan

Lost to Wolfson by 6s
This was a really impressive row, despite the result. The crew hasn't been rowing together for long and the most important thing is they put in a solid performance which can be built upon.

A good start by both crews meant that it was fairly level for the first half of the race, neither one taking a significant advantage over the other. However, Wolfson put in a huge push in Plough reach which just put them ahead. Unfortunately, we just couldn't quite pull it back. I think the crew should be proud of a very good row. (Rupert the Bear)
With a female cox who has the good sense to be able to criticise women drivers - a stroke who is, in many walks of life, a natural and gifted stroker - for want of a better name Chris 'the Muscles' Mycroft at 3 - and finally Matt and James at the back who talked non-stop in the marshalling because they were that relaxed, hyped and focused they didn't need to relax, hype or focus, this 4 should have flown.

And it did.

Unfortunately Wolfson secretly attached a rope underwater to the back of our boat and having dragged behind us the whole way they then put in a push with fresh legs at the finish to steal it by a few seconds.

They may have won the race but there are a number of positives the crew can take away from the experience...

We are by far the most aesthetically pleasing IV on the cam this term, including ladies crews. We row with a finesse and assurance more befitting crews who have had crazy extras like coaching and crew pastas together. And finally, now that we have been knocked out we have time to do other important things like wash our stinking lycra and sample a day or so without rowing.

Quote of the regatta: (Duan) 'Dan, you can stroke my boat anytime' Boy is my ego big now.

Please note - this is the unofficial race report and any likeness in any way to the bona fide article is purely coincidental and unintentional. (Dan Newton)

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