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Bristol Avon Regatta, Summer 2004

A 500m regatta held next to the SS Great Britain on the historic Bristol docks.
Sun 29th August

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Black Prince/1st and 3rd/Churchill/Emmanuel Composite, Senior2 4+

Semi finals
beat Cygnet (1 1/4 lengths)
Tough conditions made this race messy, although we soon had clear water and our half-blue cox was able to clip buoys without any fear of losing. (JPD)
beat Cantabs (1 1/4 lengths)
If you can't join 'em, beat 'em ;-)

This race was a bit messy, with Christian almost catching a crab at one point, just for fun. Cantabs had held us off the start, but we got some long strokes in coming up to a minute which moved us ahead. We didn't have the time(ing) or inclination to move ahead any more, so we didn't. (JPD)
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JPD in his single scull, Senior3 1x

Semi finals
beat Imperial College (NRO)
Strong headwind conditions on the waters of Bristol Historic Docks meant that not falling in was my top priority. This worked well - as I sculled away from my opposition he decided to take an early bath. Next... (JPD)
beat Burton Leander (easily)
Compared to my earlier race, conditions had improved although they were still pretty awful. I decided to try to scull with a little elegance, but after my first five strokes found myself 1/4 length down. So I abandoned any form of finesse in favour of massive length and power. 20 strokes later I was 4 lengths ahead, at which point he gave up and I paddled through the line for another pot. (JPD)
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TWR in his single scull, NV 1x

1st round
Beat Birmingham by 2 lengths
This guy looked vaguely competent in the warm up area, and as I am well aware that this is all it takes to beat me in a single, I knew I'd have to work hard. My start was rubbish, but it quickly became obvious that in the far worse conditions on the course we were both reduced to floundering wrecks and thus raw power would ultimately triumph. Thankfully he was a bit soft and I moved away to a couple of lengths and sat there. This state of affairs might have been preserved had I not hit a buoy (or two) somewhere near the finish and been forced to reopen the gap from just under a length.

First race of the regatta (albeit 40 mins late due to someone untying the start pontoon), and the glory of Black Prince was already beginning to unfold. (Rose the Twat)
Quarter finals
Rowed Over (oppo still asleep)
Having waited around in the start area for 40 mins for my first race, I was less than amused to have to do so again for the second. The marshall seemed utterly clueless and couldn't raise the start umpire on his megaphone due to the wind, yet refused to try his radio as he didn't know how it worked. In the end I just ignored him and went to the start to see what the umpire wanted me to do. The race about to go off had someone else from the club of my opponent, who told me he didn't know where he was and thought he might still be asleep, so I was let through and rowed over. A nice chance to practice some UT1 in the headwind (I was bollocks). (Rose the Twat)
Semi finals
Lost to Avon County by 1 2/3 lengths
This guy had looked pretty nippy both in his previous races and doing his warm up. He also looked fairly small (I learned later that he was 16). The headwind had really picked up for this race and was worse than anything in which I have ever sculled before, so my tactic was to make as much shape as I could round the turn in order to try and ride over the worst of the waves. This worked to some extent, but his superior start and actual aptitude in a single took him about a length clear fairly quickly. Concentrating hard on technique as I was, I failed to notice one of the early buoys until it was too late, and dropped back a little. I understand I made up a small amount of ground over the middle of the course (remember 500m in a novice single in a headwind can take many minutes), though I wasn't looking round much. Unsurprisingly this meant I clipped another buoy close to the finish and ended up 1 2/3l down.

Pleasingly this guy went on to win, having recorded an easily verdict over all his other opponents, although it still doesn't really make up for the fact that my sculling is dire. (Rose the Twat)
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Coxless pairs, Senior 3 2-

Beat Avon County (several lengths)
The conditions for this race were awful. However it turned out our opposition were very small. So Christian and I rated about 26 and just got some good power down. We won convincingly, despite some dodgy steering. (Dan)

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