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May Bumps 2004

3rd women's VIII

Coxed by: Celeste Arrington Powell

Bumped Newnham III
A strong start saw us make up ground (or water?) on Newnham quickly and convincingly bumped them soon after the motorway bridge... Eddies did not bother us. A good row. (Ailly)
Bumped Pembroke III
Another good start. We recovered well after a bad stroke and caught up quickly to bump just on the first corner. A good row. (Claire)
Rowed over
We very nearly caught Caius before they bumped the flailing Robinson crew ahead of them. We pushed for the overbump but the next two crews bumped out and we headed for home. A solid row today and we are more than ready for Robinson tomorrow! (Lara)
Bumped Robinson II
Easy. We got our eardrums blasted under the motorway bridge as it was raining for the start... niiice. (Ailly)

1. Blades well covered
2. Approaching the rail...
3. Catches in in the bows

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