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Lent Bumps 2004

3rd men's VIII

Coxed by: Dilini Nanayakkara

Bumped by Selwyn II
At grassy apparently. (Dubya)
Hmm, the first few strokes were ok, but we did spack around after that - and we really didn't wind very high off the start, so not surprisingly, Selwyn II closed on us. We did apparently make some ground up over the 3 crews in front however, but Pembroke II bumped St. Catz II around First Post Corner, leaving us chasing for the overbump on Clare II. Selwyn II closed further and Dilini conceeded on Grassy - apparently we weren't all that far off the overbump at that point (about 2.5 lengths). After the bump, we pulled in to the bank, and Selwyn pulled in behind us. After quite a while, Girton II came round the corner with Homerton all over their stern, and Downing III all over Homerton's stern. Girton decided that the best course of action was not to steer at all, and rammed straight into Selwyn, pretty much destroying their bows - comical. Homerton rowed past them for the overbump - so we're being chased by them tomorrow. (Richard)
Bumped by Homerton
Due to Carnage ahead we had to hold up and re-row before 1st post corner, apparently we were making ground on Selwyn and we were holding off Homerton. On the re-row we started averagely and Homerton started gaining on us. Whistles, panic and some uncoordinated pushes ensued and we got hit in the gut. After the bump Homerton kept rowing a bit and wedged our bows into the bank. As we attempted to free ourselves Caius came round the corner and saw Homerton backing up and decided to steer for the bump on them. After whacking half of Homerton with their blades they celebrated, but I think M4 were on their tail and got the technical bump.

Unfortunately for them, bow-pair had to go paddling in the invigorating waters of the cam to remove our bows from the bank. Well done guys.

Looks like the intensive training programme isn't paying off. If we can stay calm we should be fine. Jesus III behind us on Friday.

Hey, we have no pictures. No-one likes us! : ( (Neil)
Bumped by Jesus III
Well more carnage ahead resulted in a re-row again, this time at 520 after M1. We'd started ok but Jesus gained a bit, and really went for us at Grassy, but we began to pull away, before we all had to hold it up.

It was ourselves, Jesus, Homerton and Selwyn in the re-row. And a very good start saw us gain on Homerton. Jesus came at us again, and we made it past a bumped out Homerton and Selwyn, but not past Grassy. Tragic. Twice we've had to re-row and done worse.

We've been improving all week (maybe something to do with actually rowing together) and it was going really well on the way down to the re-row and coming home. If we can hold it together tomorrow and settle, I don't see why we can't have a go at Jesus again. (Neil)
A reasonably untidy start, followed by some reasonably untidy rowing saw Jesus III gain on us relatively quickly. After first post corner, we started moving away again, but just before the Plough pub, we had to hold it up to avoid carnage (again). A re-row was ordered again, to be held just after the M1 division. We were told the wrong time to be marshalling at, and ended up rowing down behind the head crew. Much to the amusement of the small band of spectators at the plough, we did our practice start after Caius. Caius' start was fairly together, whereas ours was fairly shocking. Anyway, we eventually arrived on station 9, ready to go. We pushed out and our start was (surprisingly) pretty good. We moved slightly away from Jesus and towards Homerton, but about half way down first post reach, just like the first two days, the power dropped off very quickly, and Jesus started approaching. Perhaps the tiredness of having to rerow was showing. Jesus eventually got us on grassy corner (whereas we'd made it to the plough on the first race). Well, let's see whether we can bump them back tomorrow to avoid our spoons. (Richard)
The first row was pretty good. The start was nice, closed slightly on Homerton, then settled to a pretty solid 32. A bit of zigzagging down first post reach allowed jesus to close, so we lifted to 34 in the gut and kept them at bay. Then we had to take a really shite line round grassy to avoid some quite rudely parked crews, but not as shite as Homerton's which included some mowing of the grass on the outside of the corner. Would've been a good race and an excellent chance to row over or even bump back. (TomC)
Bumped by Downing III
Had to hold it up again, no re-rows today so we were on the wrong end of a technical bump, unrightly so we felt, we were pulling away from Downing.

Feels a lot worse than if we'd actually been bumped. (Neil)

1. Just after the start
2. Spoon - closeup
3. Spoons

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