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Clare Novice Regatta, Mich Term 2003

1st women's novice VIII (Cup)

Coxed by: Rachel Wolf

1st round
Beat Fitzwilliam
The girls won by a significant margin even though it was a row none of them were especially pleased with. I think the nerves and tension probably showed themselves, but then so did the ability and determination, and Fitz never really stood a chance. (jo)
Our 1st girls beasted it off the start, pulling ahead convincingly from the beginning. Despite 2 impressive over-head crabs (also impressively recovered) we just extended the lead and crossed the finish pretty comfortably. A very good row with slightly high rating but generally powerful and certainly effective! (Danae)
2nd round
Beat Jesus A
A closer race, Jesus stayed with us until about half way down the reach despite a solid start from our girls. Sally's yelling 'Come on girls, Jesus are dying!' seemed to do the trick and Jesus obligingly, died. We steamed ahead and although Jesus chased us all the way down the reach and even closed down slightly at one point (and despite an amazing bouncing crab which flew out of the water so far we got it straight back!), we stayed comfortably a full length up at all times, and finished about a length and a half ahead. A good row - pretty calm, controlled and generally business-like. Nice. (Danae)
This was a close race, and a satisfying one. Jesus were probably one of the best crews in the competition, and the strong cross wind made it very hard work. The FaT girls always had the upper hand though, and while it was closely fought in the early stages, the Jesus bank-party's cry of 'they're dying!' as they passed under the railway bridge was clearly wishful thinking. (jo)
Quarter finals
A convincing race from the start - we pulled ahead and despite somewhat dubious timing we stayed comfortably ahead throughout. Not our best race, but who gives a damn, we beat the Maggie scum!! No competition really. We are simply better, oh yes. Ra ra 1st and 3rd. (Danae)
It was clear for the duration of this race that our girls were simply not going to let themselves be beaten by Maggie. They were tired and cold, but gritted their teeth and pushed off them all the way from start to finish. Maybe not the prettiest of races, but man was it good! (jo)
Semi finals
Beaten by Emmanuel A
Awful luck, a real shame, this one. A bit of a dodgy line-up at the start (at Morleys Holt to race the 'wrong' way down the reach) didn't do us any favours, then an unfortunately timed crab and a strong cross-wind blew us into the bank just before the bridge. The girls kept it together really well though and pushed off ultra-efficiently. Despite the length lead we'd had by that point Emma got their chance to get away from us and went on under the bridge. The girls gave them a brave and very impressive chase down the reach, immediately bearing down 2 lengths on them, but their lead was too great. Despite an amazingly gritty and skillful row with Liz setting an awesome rhythm and the girls backing it up with some beautiful rowing, we could only get the gap down to about a length before Emma crossed the line. Their captain did apologise to us, and their bank party looked frankly disbelieving - so the crew rowed home with their heads held high and singing at the tops of their voices. In the dark. Onwards and upwards to Fairbairns, where we will thrash Emma, and our 3rd ladies will beat Tit Hall B. Overall a very pleasing day, and we go away not with a cup, but with a mission! (Danae)

1. First Race
2. It's super-human rad...
3. Everyone's getting a...

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