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Mich Term 2003

3rd men's IV

Cambridge Autumn Head (Lower College IV+), 2nd men's coxed IV

1st in Lower IVs
Time: 10:55
A very pleasing result for our 2nd Coxed IV, bodes well for Uni IVs. Their time was comparable to most of the upper IVs and better than a fair number (including our own 1st coxed IV)! (Dan)
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University IVs (2nd division), 2nd men's coxed IV

Quarter finals
Beat LMBC III (easily)
The crew ran into Maggie in the Gut. Thankfully I dont think we've been disqualified and the easily verdict stands. (Dan)
Semi finals
Beat Trinity Hall II (26.7 s)
A thoroughly enjoyable race. The wind wasn't so strong as the previous two days, which added to the fun. We gained on them from the start, their puddles came into view in plough reach, and we overtook them down the reach to finish with a length of clear water. An impressive margin considering the amount of water we took on board. (TomC)
Beat Jesus II (~14.5s)
Looked good to me! Very comfortable and very convincing. (Dan)
Excellent result here - 28 seconds faster than the 1st four's best time and only 2 seconds off Trinity Hall, who won Division 1!

Dan: maybe time for a change in crew selection policy? (JPD)

1. Crew pose
2. Relaxing near the ra...
3. Moving into the last...

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