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May Bumps 2003


Coxed by: Caroline Reed

Bumped St. Catharine's IV
Everyone's first bumps race and and a bit of a poor start, still gained a length on St Catz. And then finished them off pretty quickly for our first bump!! (Neil)
Rowed over as sandwich boat
A better start this time, but emma bumped an apparently poor Caius quickly, leaving us chasing the overbump. We passed manybumped out boats, and weren't sure who we were chasing, but new we were gaining quickly. We'd also picked up a huge crowd of onlookers on the towpath, and we witnessed a bit of an accident over there, don't know what happened... I mean I saw nothing but the back of 6s head. We kept on gaining for ages, and were down to a couple of feet apparently, but we weren't aware of where the finish was and ran out of river. Just missed out on what would have been a famous double overbump on Tit hall. Have to do it all again tomorrow, but we know we can beat catz and can row the course now! So close... (Neil)
This was actually even closer than neil suggests. They achieved overlap as they came across the finish line. In a huge effort coming up to the line they closed 1 length in no time at all, however reminiscent of the last minute push by Cambridge in the Boat Race this year, they just left it a little too late. (Dan)
Rowed over Head
Comfortable race for the GradVIII. Were roughly 2 lengths up on Catz coming into grassy after catz had a much better start than yesterday. However catz crumbled and were about 5 lengths off when they got hit just out of grassy corner. Rowed the rest of the course with pauses at hands away coming past bottom finish. (Dan)
Bumped Caius V as sandwich boat
Quick race. I managed to miss the entire thing by trying to catch the guys on my bike and dropping my chain. i just caught them up in time to tell them to easy coming round the first corner (before the motorway bridge). (Dan)
Bumped Jesus V
Bumped, NOT bumped by, Jesus IV. Not a great start followed by some sloppy rowing saw Jesus hold us off for a while, but sitting half a length behind them with Christ's well behind us it was only a matter of time. Despite evasive jinking we bumped them just past the motorway bridge. (Graeme)
Indeed we did bump, Jesus V. Not our best start but we still pulled away from Christ's IV behind us and got the bump fairly quickly. I think the charts are messed up because LMBC VI Scratched. Tomorrow we chase the Tit Hall crew we nearly double overbumped on Wednesday for blades. Should be interesting

Note: On the way back from the boathouse, in out kit with greenery on, we were offered a punt tour of the river. Hilarious. (Neil)
Bumped Trinity Hall IV
A dodgy push off and the chain went taught and we began drifting back towards the bank. We paniced slightly and had a poor first few strokes, but a good wind and stride saw us back on track and we reeled in Tit Hall to get them just after the motorway bridge, payback for day 1!

Blades for the grads, rock on! (Neil)

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