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Cam Sprints, May Term 2003

1st men's IV (Senior4 IV+)

Coxed by: S. E. Richards

Semi finals
beat Cambridge 99s A easily
Having jumped in a boat for the first time together just before the race, we hit a leisurely 44 off the start and moved away from Cambridge 99's finest. They then hit the bank, after which the race was an exercise in not laughing. Steph called a last-10-strokes-lift just after we crossed the finishing line - have you been getting tips from Sophie? (Flying)
Beat Simoco (easily)
Facing a Simoco crew who were clearly no mugs, we decided to do a racing start, winding to 48 and taking a length or two in the first 100m. We settled to about 39 and continued to move away to win very comfortably. (Flying)
Henley here we come? (Alex)

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