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Lent Bumps 2003

Women's 1st Lent VIII

Coxed by: Andrew Fisher

Rowed over
A fantastic start saw us pull away from Catz, who never stood a chance of catching us and were swiftly caught by Sidney Sussex, leaving us to concentrate on chasing Girton. We caught them slightly early on, but they managed to pull it back and we rowed over, never under any threat from Selwyn, doomed to be sandwich boat for another day. A good row from all of us (jo)
Rowed over
Another day, another row over behind Girton with no-one in pursuit except a distant Selwyn, this time because Sidney Sussex somehow managed to be lifejacketless, earning them a nice fine and Catz an automatic bump. While it was a relief having little threat of being bumped, we may have made more ground on Girton with Sidney snapping at our heels. As it was we kept on station for a fair amount of the course but began to lose them on plough reach and never got it back. Not as good as yesterday, but not bad. Another crack at Girton tomorrow then... (jo)
A rather less good start, but still considerably better than Disney (whose cox managed to forget her lifejacket.....). With no boat within miles of our stern, we held a solid girton at station until the plough, but never really committed 100% to catching them and lacked yesterday's impressive determination. The reach at technical half pressure however, will set us up nicely for a storming row tomorrow. Bring it on.... (Abbie)
Rowed over
We knew that today would be a short race.

We had Girton ahead of us who have kept us at bay for the last two days. Today they were chasing New Hall who have been bumped every day so far. Behind us, Sidney were chasing Catz (again...) This race was going to be all over by Ditton.

We got a pretty good start, and closed Girton down to about a length, but to no avail: Girton hit New Hall pretty swiftly. Sidney made fairly short work of Catz again.

Selwyn were never much of a threat as sandwich boat, and the overbump was never within our reach.

Another row-over, but tomorrow we are chasing New Hall. Bring it on! (Andrew Fisher)
Bumped New Hall
We knew today was not going to be another row over. Sidney had caught Catz pretty quickly on both wednesday and friday, and looked likely to close on us, while we had a length on Girton when they bumped New Hall on friday. So we set out for a race to first post. Our start was an improvement on the previous two days, and we closed fairly quickly on NH. The threat from behind was perhaps not as great as was feared, since despite my fine display of muppetry under the motorway bridge Sidney "we'd've taken any amount of fine to have a shot at 1st&3rd (and got them by grassy, no doubt)" Sussex didnt creep up much. NH put up a good fight, and held us at half a length for what seemed like forever, but we got them just in time to give our mass of supporters at the plough something to smile about. And ourselves of course- a fantastic first bump for many of us, and a row that showed our determination and committment. Andrews wenches done good :-) (wench #7)
Andrew got us psyched up before the race and put some kind of killer instinct in us. That strategy worked, we wanted it and we went and got it. Ra Ra 1st and 3rd. (Becca)

1. Jubilant row home
2. Pushing Off ... Smil...
3. Queen Amelia

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