The Club's Results

Molesey Amateur Regatta, Summer 2002

FaT / BPBC composite (Senior2 IV+)

Miscellaneous men's IVs
2 David Lowish 3 Jon Davies
str Chris Ingram

Coxed by: Sophie Rickards

1st round
Lost to Thames/Furnivall (1 length)
Time: 3:10
A reasonable but short row to the start set up a reasonably relaxed feeling in the boat. We took a lead of a few seats on our start, and settled into a fairly chunky, smooth rhythm. However, our race pace just wasn't as fast as theirs, and they rowed back through us. We didn't cope very well with some wash about 200m in, and then had a bit of a shipwreck with about 250m to go. Chris reckoned this was his "most satisfying loss" ever. (JPD)

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