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May Bumps 2002

3rd women's VIII

3rd women's VIII
in Mary Tudor
bow Unknown 2 Unknown
3 Unknown 4 Unknown
5 Unknown 6 Unknown
7 Unknown str Unknown

Coxed by: Daniel Walker

Bumped by Clare III
Considering this was the crew's first...ahem...tenth outing together this was a really good row. The start was nice and powerful and we moved up on a rather weedy looking King's II ahead.

The stride, however, led to a bit of a drop in power and boatspeed and soon Clare III were gaining with remarkable pace from the stern. Although I tried to concede early, apparently it was quite late - in my defence, I was holding on to the rudder strings at that point.

Tomorrow we'll try and get them back and make more improvements to go harder, faster and for longer! (Dan)
Double overbumped by Downing III
Peterhouse II managed to leave the bank at a 45 degree angle meaning that they crashed and were bumped within a matter of strokes. Subsequent bumps behind 1st and 3rd left the river clear and stress free (relatively) and allowed the girls to row really well through the gut and into grassy. Unfortunately the boat wouldn't go round the corner and they momentarily paused on the outside of the bend. They got moving again and made it to Ditton before being hit by Downing.
Everyone was really impressed on the bank with an extrememely positive and hearty race from what was essentially an inexperienced crew.
Well done girls, you did us proud today! (Sally)
Yes...don't really have much to add to Sally's account other than to admit responsibility. It was a really stonking row by the 3rd VIII that deserved at least a row-over and was by far the best I've seen them row.

It was my incredibly bad cornering that was responsible for getting bumped - all credit to the crew and lots of scowling glances at Dan tomorrow... (Dan)
Bumped by Pembroke IV
Sadly the crew had to scratch due to a number of injuries. (Martin)
Bumped by LMBC IV
Sadly the crew had to scratch due to a number of injuries. (Martin)

1. From the motorway br...
2. Walker

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