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May Bumps 2001

5th men's VIII

Coxed by: Andy Wong

Bumped LMBC VI
For several members of this crew, it was the first experience of Bumps - for others, the Lents had proved to be rather disappointing. Today, however, we all tasted joyous victory, and it was sweet, sweet as a Mint Aero boxed drink.
The advice given to us by Neil was "it's not a forgone conclusion that you'll bump", which turned into "I really can't imagine that you won't bump" when he heard we were chasing a Maggie fellows' boat. The difficulty, though, was that we had quite a good crew behind us - Robinson III. They were sure to be better than us, but we had a good chance of catching LMBC VI first.
The start was a bit panicked - it was ok, but not as good as the last practice start on the way down. Robinson was slightly faster, and closed the gap to about one length, but we were bearing down on Maggie even faster. Neil's frantic cries from the bank progressed quickly though "one length!", "half a length!", "six feet!" and "four feet!", which I couldn't help hearing even though he'd told us before the race not to listen to the bank. I can't quite remember, but I think we had overlap just past the Motorway Bridge. We then seemed to take an inordinately long time to make contact, although I think in the end we bumped in under a minute. And we were righteous with the Lord.
The bank party presented us with a difficult choice of greenery - evil spikey twigs, or silly sticky stuff which brought Simon out in a rash within ten seconds. (Champ)
Bumped Jesus V
The division was delayed this afternoon, by a Trinity Hall boat hitting a barge on the way down to the start, breaking a blade, and having to send someone back to their boathouse to get another one. This resulted in a lot of sitting around waiting for various guns which were delayed or repeated.
Behind us were, of course, the weak Maggie boat we bumped the day before, so were weren't worried about any threat from them. Ahead were Jesus V who had been triple-overbumped, falling seven places to land in front of us. We were told this had been due to a crash, so we shouldn't assume that they were awful. However, they were. We started better than the day before, and we were all putting in more effort due to our belief that Jesus would be more difficult prey than LMBC VI had been. We caught up with them just past the Motorway Bridge. Despite clear overlap, the Jesus cox refused to concede - Kamil at bow took the only sensible course of action, and smacked her on the back with his blade.
After a little bit of chaos trying to get out of the way of a Caius boat, we set off on the row back, followed by our Jesus opponents. It was then that we could see how bad they were - they looked like a giant spasticated spider. Either that or they were trying to do a Mexican wave with their blades.
Tomorrow will be more difficult. (Champ)
Rowed over
Thanks to Andy Wong having an affair with Hera, the favour of Zeus was not with us today. We knew we had a challenge, with Clare IV ahead of us - not quite as good as us, but almost. We should have been able to bump them had it been just our two crews. However, in front of them was Fitzwilliam III who were bumped very quickly the day before by Hughes Hall. We could only hope that Fitz would hold out, and Neil said he was going to talk to them and tell them that if they put in everything at the start, then we would get rid of Clare. However, they didn't (or they did and they were useless.) We had a disasterous start (the catalogue of errors included: bow pair having to drop out for several strokes, stroke pair dropping out for several strokes, at least 7 and my (3) blade catching the bank on a tight corner), Clare bumped them by the Motorway Bridge, and we were left with a grueling row over. The LMBC and Jesus crews we'd faced previously had been bumped out, leaving only Addenbrookes chased by 1st & 3rd VI behind us, about 20 lengths away. They scared us on a couple of occassions, coming round corners, but they never really got to within a threatening distance. Still, today was most probably the most physical effort I have ever put into anything during my entire life. (Champ)
Bumped Fitzwilliam III
Thankfully I didn't write yesterday's report yesterday, as I would almost certainly have written 'a quick bump tomorrow against Fitz III'. They were awful against Clare, a fact which denied us our so-close blades. We thought that if we started like the first two days, we'd have them before the Motorway Bridge. Not so. It was a bit of a confused start, with JPD and Neil both counting us down, but in a contradictory manner (JPD was half a second out), and a family of swans adopting a combative position between us and Robinson III. We sped off, expecting to bump quickly, but instead crept slow towards them, with excrutiatingly sparse announcements of distance gains. Robinson, of whom Neil had said "they'll gain on you, but not nearly as quickly as you'll mow into Fitz", were catching us nearly as fast. By the Plough, Robinson made a push for 10 and came far too close, whilst we were within feet of Fitz. Then there was a lot of noise and I hadn't got a clue what was going on. People were shouting - should we still be rowing? Should we be pulling into the bank? It was only when 2 and 4 pulled us in and someone told me we'd actually bumped (Dan at 2 had hit Fitz' bow several times and had been shouting "concede you bastards!") that I collapsed, aching. Why had we taken so long? Neil thought Fitz had subbed a couple of stronger guys in, although I think it's far more likely that we were just exhausted after yesterday, and were rowing quite poorly in comparison to previous days. We spent plenty of time pulled in at the bank, collecting some quality greenery, and then gently rowed back (more or less ignoring the VI's demand for a head-to-head), once again righteous with the Lord. (Champ)

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