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May Term 2001

2nd men's VIII

Bedford Regatta (Senior4 VIIIs), Bedford crew

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Bedford Regatta (College VIIIs), Bedford crew

1st round
Lost to Christ Church, Oxford (3 lengths)
With the rowing over for the day, there was nothing for it but to enjoy the sun, the Twickenham ladies crew (eh?) and drinking beer in the hospitality tent... [by the webmaster]
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Cambridge 99's Regatta (2nd division)

1st round
Lost to Emmanuel II (easily)
With Henry returning from a week of illness and a Sophie subbing at the last minute in the cox's seat, the crew didn't cope with the wind very well and had a disappointing untidy row. [by the webmaster]
Plate 1st round
Lost to Girton I (easily)
The rhythm was perhaps a little bit better, but whilst Girton weren't as quick as Emmanuel they still got away as the rating sagged for the second part of the course. Not the best of days for the 2nd VIII. (Dan)
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May Bumps

Overbumped by Sidney Sussex
A powerful if slightly messy start rating 40 saw us hold station with Downing II ahead and LMBC II behind. As we settled into our race rhythm rating 35-36 in the Gut LMBC II moved up on us, but Girton moved up even quicker on LMBC II to bump out at Grassy. Sidney (I) were still a long way behind, but our rating and boat speed never dropped. On the Reach it became clear that Sidney were significantly quicker, and must have been gaining nearly half a canvas on us every stroke. They hit us at the Railway Bridge, unfortunately failing to easy on Chris' acknowledgement of the bump, resulting in a bent rigger.
Despite the disappointing end result, we rowed reasonably well to achieve our highest sustained boat speed of the term, and the determination with which we rowed was inspiring.
Thursday: Chasing LMBC II, chased by Emmanuel II. (Jon D)
The low point of my college rowing career. We pulled our guts out and watched Sidney gain on us all the way down the Reach, finally overbumping us at Morley's Holt.

We sat there, totally quiet, pulled into the bank for what seemed like an age. On the way home Crawford passed us on his bike - Harding broke the bad news... (Dan)
Bumped by Emmanuel II
A change of tactics saw us wind to 42 and then hold 40 in an attempt to catch LMBC II. We took about 1/4 length out of them on the start and another 1/4 coming out of First Post Corner, but Emmanuel II behind were too quick, and bumped us after 90 seconds in the Gut. Similar to yesterday - a bit messy with reasonable speed, but simply not quick enough.
Friday: Chasing Emmanuel II, chased by Caius II. (Jon D)
True to his word, John wound to 42 today but despite some last minute huddling behind a car, Emma were just too good for us.
So, is it 44 tomorrow then John? (Dan)
Bumped by Caius II
Having been bumped quickly by Emma II yesterday, we did not expect to bump back, so instead concentrated on holding off Caius II. Jesus II had pushed Caius II hard off the start on the first two days, so the plan was to sprint from the start until Caius were bumped by Jesus. Caius had overlap on us coming out of First Post Corner, and Jesus had overlap on Caius. We held them for maybe 10 strokes down the Gut, but they bumped us just before Grassy. A disgruntled row home didn't help affairs. Come and watch us attempt to rate 50 off the start to hold off Jesus II for as long as possible tomorrow.
Saturday: Chasing Caius II, chased by Jesus II.

P.S. At least we avoided being hit by the scum by being overbumped on Wednesday. (Jon D)
Bumped by Jesus II
A slight adjustment in crew order saw us hitting around 42 of the start again, but Jesus II were more powerful and bumped us just before First Post Corner.
Tomorrow: Get pissed again. (Jon D)

1. Being close down by ...
2. Rounding First Post
3. Through the Gut

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