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Pembroke Regatta, Lent Term 2001

3rd men's VIII (2nd division)

Coxed by: A. Amouyel

1st round
Won against Corpus II (about 5 lengths)
Definitely our worst race all day as we had an OK start and then splashed our way all down the reach probably over-rating. We were on the meadow side and Corpus were only about 1-1.5 lengths off us up until the Railway bridge where we pulled ahead. Everyone agreed straight after the race that it was a bad row. [by the webmaster]
2nd round
Won against Trinity Hall II (1 1/2 lengths)
After a lot of discussion regarding our start, wind and settle, we decided we should try and reach a better racing rhythm this race. Racing on the towpath side, we set off at the same frantic pace as the last race until urged to "Relax!". It seemed to work and we had a storming row up to the railway bridge with things dropping off a bit near the end. [by the webmaster]
3rd round
Won against Pembroke II (disqualification)
Again the meadow side, this was our best row. It was a very close race with us moving ahead by a length after a minute. We kept a very good race pace with nice timing all the way up to Morley's Holt when the bend started to favour Pembroke. They came back at us strongly but we had started to respond when we had a very bad clash of blades. Phil's seat got knocked so he couldn't slide and Pete caught a crab. We were forced to stop rowing briefly and Pembroke set off and crossed the line only to discover they had been disqualified. [by the webmaster]
Semi finals
Lost to eventual winners Catz II (1 1/2 lengths)
Again on the meadow side, we had a decent start but still lost about a length and a half to them. We maintained distance from there all the way home, taking the rating up to something ridiculous by the end for one last push, but it was all in vain. (Dan)

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